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  1. Yasnaya Olovyannaya Soviet strategic missile troops. – 1x 80kt
  2. Chita missile silo– 1x 45kt
  3. Nerchinsk Airfield– 1x 15kt
  4. Nizhniy Tsasuchey airport– 1x 1.5kt
  5. Olovyannaya Strategic Missile Troops- 1x 1.25mt and 2x 80kt
  6. Drovyanaya Strategic Missile Troops- 1x 1.25mt and 2x 80kt

After WW3Edit

It was bad in the 1962-64 weather break down and many people died as a result of it. The ice and permafrost was badly affected and swamps began to freeze, then grow as an ice lake, thaw, swell in to a water lake, dry up, re-fill, freeze over and return to normalcy, but all out of sync' with nature's rhythm. A major cholera outbreak and famine hit the yet to be nation in 1963 and 1964, killing more people.

First contactEdit

It was with Mongolia and Buryat Republic in 1965, Bodaybo Republic and Irkutsk in 1972, and Republic of Khabarovsk and the Amur Basin in 1976.

Present dayEdit


  • Chairman Yuri Orlov.
  • Deputy Chairwoman Bolormaa Tsakhia.


Democratic capitalist state.


  • Chita (remains of)

Major townsEdit


Subsistence farming, nomadic cattle heading and minor iron and lignite mining. Bartar.


Siberian Russian, Evenk, Buriyat and Yakut.


Spiritualist, Orthodox Christianity, Atheist and Shamanism.


Russian, Evenk, Buriyat, Mongols, Han Chinese, Manchurians, and Yakut.

Total PopulationEdit


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