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Yulian Mikhailovich Markovsky
Timeline: History of Margovya

Yulian Mikhailovich Markovsky
Markovsky in 1993

19th Vice President of the Republic of Margovya
21 March 1993 – 9 October 1997

Predecessor: Anatoly Baychenko
Successor: Ruma Dumayev
President: Susana Bulshitova

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 1980 – 21 March 1993

President: Vladislav Sikhovich (1980-1983)

Susana Bulshitova (1983-1986; 1992-1993)
Baba Filitov (1986-1992)

MRepresentative of Quintin del Pan
6 October 1975 – 6 April 1980

President: Vladislav Sikhovich
Birth: 5 June 1951 (age 70)
Alakdanovich, Quintin del Pan, Margovya
Spouse: Konrada Vyacheslavovna Puevskaya
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, actor, director, producer

Yulian Mikhailovich Markovsky (born 5 June 1951) is a Margovyan politician, and a famous producer, director, and actor. He was a former representative of Quintin del Pan, and later served thirteen years as Senator, from 1980 to 1993.

Markovsky officially became the nineteenth vice president of Margovya on March 21, 1993, following the successful impeachment of vice president Anatoly Baychenko, who was ousted after getting involved in the controversial m971 million pork barrel scam in 1991. Markovsky would serve for four years as vice president under the second Susana Bulshitova administration, through the 1995 national elections, until his resignation of office on October 9, 1997, right after he himself was involved in a more controversial pork barrel scam amounting about m3.79 billion. He would be succeeded by Ruma Dumayev, who would later become president.


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Year Title Role Notes
1971 The Roaring Twenties: The Remake Gavril Pavlov
1973 Sex in Mind XXIV Boyfriend # 14: "Yulian"
1975 Underground on Wheels VII: The Last Stand Faddey Tramuvsky
1981 Sixteen Inches Long Matvey Yorutovsky
1988 Great Flaming Balls Innokentiy Ribabov
1989 Long Range Mark Valentinov
1991 Mafiya Lev Kirilov
1993 Mafiya 2 Lev Kirilov
1994 Faster and Stronger None, director
1995 Good Thing It Wasn't My Ex None, director
Mafiya 3 Lev Kirilov
1997 The Life of the Party None, director
Three Unlikely Friends: The Movie None, director
1998 15 None, director
1999 Great Flaming Balls 2 Innokentiy Ribabov
2000 Titanium None, director
The Interceptors: The Movie None, director
Party Like It's 1999 None, director
2001 Raining Cats and Dogs None, director
Karageorgiyev: The Movie Valentin Karageorgiyev
2002 Long Range 2: The Incan's Revenge Mark Valentinov Also served as director
Underground On Wheels: A Generation Later None, director
The Interceptors: Movie II None, director
2003 Once in a Lifetime Chance None, director
Great Flaming Balls 3: The Last Burn Innokentiy Ribabov
Crazy Dancin' Yevgeniy Gregoriyevsky
The Interceptors' Third Movie None, director
2004 One Plus One Equals Six None, director
The Interceptors: Movie IV! None, director
2005 Long Range 3: On the Shining Path Mark Valentinov Also served as director
Mysteries of an Old House None; director
May 19 None, writer Wrote the film with Ruslan Dumayev and Iosef Pankavuranov
The Raging Bull None, director
2006 The Interceptors: Final Strike None, director
Apartment 69 None, director
2007 Long Range 4: The Most Dangerous Game Mark Valentinov Also served as director
La Revolucion de Margovya None, director
2008 Birth of the Margovyan Vogue None, director
2009 Black Lights None, director
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Colonel Timofey Harkov Also served as director with Gregoriy Umalin
Britannic Major Arminius Walsh Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 2010 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
2011 Long Range 5: Uprising None; director
What Happened in Kherson? Valentin Vorontsov
The Winning Man Himself Cameo appearance
Limelight None, director
2012 2018 None, director
Sessions on the Road
2013 No Rush None, director
The Old Squad Pavel Oslanov Also wrote the film with Oleg Kiskov and Genrikh Antonov
Haze Maze None, writer Wrote the film with Dzherik Dimakulanov
Vegetables on a Wedding (2013) None, writer
2014 377 kph None, director
Mafiya: The Last Stand Lev Kirilov Also served as director with Iosef Pankavuranov and Gregoriy Umalin
2015 377 kph 2: Retaliation None, director
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Valentin Karageorgiyev Also served as director
2017 Caught in the Trap None, director