Setting The Stage for Tobebi (Revolt of Hudolna)Edit

A long time ago, approximately 1200 years before Rome was founded, there was a prosperous city by the name of Hudolna, located in modern day Southern Poland, on the Zalew Mietkowski. Hudolna was ruled by dictator Rudkulu, who would walk into people's houses and kidnap the men to become warriors. This went on for a while, until a group of very smart warriors came up with a plot. This group, lead by the general Tobi Ahudolna, began convincing as many people as they could to conspire against Rudkulu. Tobebi began the conspiracy on a day known a Dahukna Adahi, or the Day of Exile. On that day, Rdkulu brought out massive forces, revealing that he had a secret guard army double the size of Tobebi's. Tobebi, being outnumbered, decided to surrender, and, along with the other conspirators, was banished. Tobebi, along with his 2000 faithful followers, wandered for three years before reaching the Labe River, and decided to settle down. 

Setting up the CityEdit

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