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  1. No direct copy - paste from Wikipedia or Althistory, it's copyrighted.
  2. If you do copy - paste from Wikipedia or any other site, please make a reference.
  3. Pictures must be atributed or declaired fair usage.
  4. Do not coppy from Althist wiki it's contents are coppyrighted! Makeing a reference of origin does not clear it.
  5. Add categories - all pages should have categories.
  6. Please be respectful to everyone on the wiki, don't swear.
  7. Don't do anything hurtful like sending hateful messages, editing articles with negative connotations for spite against a certain user/nation/political group or any other reasons, and/or being a "troll" that directly or indirectly attacks another member of the wiki or the user's work. Persons found doing this will be banned without warning.
  8. No flaming or inciting any cross wiki wars
  9. No one is better than anyone, we are all the same, so treat each other with respect
  11. If you contribute, DO NOT ADD IRRELEVENT PAGES. It is alternate history, you have to change past history to create a new future or if you ask me and I approve you can make a future page...
  12. Start your avant garde "Thinking outside the box" and "thinking beyond the box" articles and pages.- let's bend history.
  13. Certain people in the original Althist Wiki shall remain nameless in this wiki; meaning all conversations about them should only refer to them as "that guy," "that person," "that admin," or something similar.
  14. Don't do drugs while online.
  15. Discussions on religion and politics should centre on our fictional (ATL) timelines and not devolve into debates on politics and religion in real life (OTL). No political, ethnic or religious debates not centered upon the timeline should occur on any article talk pages. Articles which are clearly and obviously ridiculously politically biased (such as "Conservative UK Utopia" or "Conservative UK Dystopia") or religiously biased ("What if Islam dominated the entire World") of ("What if Christianity dominated the entire World") will be marked ASB-Biased in the categories and eventually deleted if not improved.
  • To be permanently banned here, you must excessivly sockpuppet, be inappropriate (you know what I mean, tolling and alike), or try and hack the site. If you are about to be permanently banned, users will be notified 24 hours before the ban goes into effect so that you may explain yourself, and possibly reduce or get rid of the banning order altogether. IPs will be banned with out warning!

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