The Interceptors
Season 2
No. of Episodes 26
Original Run May 9, 1970 - February 6, 1971
Written by Iosef Dimakulanov
Directed by Ismail Mambobosov
Yulian Markovsky
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The second season of the Margovyan police drama series The Interceptors began broadcast in the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on May 9, 1970 and ended on February 6, 1971, spanning twenty-six episodes. The season follows the story of the Task Force Interceptors of the Arbatskaya City Police District as they go through a whole new set of challenges, and faces a sad tragedy, that is, the death of their "Brawn", Azamat Kamchatsky. The second season would feature a two-part special, "Crew Goes to New York", where in the Task Force Interceptors would be joining forces with the New York Police Department in chasing a most wanted criminal that even the police officers in the neighbor states can't catch.

Season OverviewEdit

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in season Title Original Airdate Production Code Viewers (millions)
27 1 Hello to Technology May 9, 1970 201 1.171
Following the events of "Siege", Lev Aldovich is now one of the most wanted people in Margovya after his attack on the Arbatskaya City Police Department's Task Force Interceptors, and has no other choice but to flee Margovya and start a new life in another land. He successfully outruns the cops that are chasing him, but now his problem is on how to hide his identity, and how he is going to start his new life. Meanwhile, back in Arbatskaya City, Dzherik has started his first day in the Task Force Interceptors and welcomes the team into the world of technology. Moments later, the team is finally called on their first mission with Dzherik in the team. A jeweler is being reported for selling fake jewelry for almost five times the price of an original one. Since none of them knows how to tell real jewelry from fake ones, they had Dzherik bring his jewel authenticator and went to the Arbatskaya City Mall, to the stand where the jeweler is selling his "poor excuse of jewelry". At first, the jeweler denied that his products are fake. However, Dzherik brings out his jewel authenticator and put the necklaces, earrings and bracelets into test. They are proven to be fake, and the jeweler is arrested.

Promoted to main cast: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Guest stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Nikolay Orfanov as jeweler

28 2 Pirated Entertainment May 16, 1970 202 1.190
The Interceptor is absent today, making the rest of the team think that they are free for the day. However, just as they were about to plan their vacation, a criminal was reported to them: a video leasing shop "just around the corner" was reportedly selling pirated VHS copies of movies. After a long drive that took the team at least two hours, they finally got to the video shop and planned their course of action. Dzherik has brought with him his camera to be able to record the scene if ever the lessor will confess of selling pirated videos. The first to interrogate the lessor was Maria. She used all her spicy words but cannot get any information from the lessor. Azamat came in next, but after the lessor first denied selling pirated videos in front of him, he immediately reached on to "strangle" the clerk. Finally, Yefrem came in next, first taking the name of the lessor, which was Timofey Parovsky, and proceeded to interrogating him about the pirated VHS tapes. Yefrem tried every way to lure Timofey into confessing the crime, but failed. Finally, Yefrem had Dzherik and Konrad investigate the VHS tapes, but found them negative. They finally contacted the person who reported the shop to them, but there was no answer. They decided to just let it go, and apologizes to Timofey for their false accusations, and bought VHS copies of all the episodes of the final season of The Roaring Twenties instead. Meanwhile, Amanda is currently having her monthly period, so she did not join the Interceptors in the mission. However, Marko always catches her holding a knife, making him think that she is committing suicide everytime.

Absent: Marvik Ribabov as Capt. Mikhail Kurotovsky

Guest stars: Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky

29 3 Vehicle Sabotage May 23, 1970 205 1.202
All the cop mobiles of the Interceptors are down once again, so Yefrem, Konrad and Dzherik "borrows" Mikhail's Yakovich M57 again and use it for their next mission while Azamat fixes the cop mobiles and make them ready for use for the rest of the day. However, the next day, all police mobiles of the unit are once again down, and Azamat fixes them again. However, the next day, the cars are broken again, making the team think that a vehicle saboteur has been roaming around. This hypothesis was supported by the neighboring police units in Arbatskaya City, who shared the same story with them. The first person that they suspected was Lev Aldovich, however, all sources in Margovya show that he is out of the country. Later that night, Konrad, Yefrem, Dzherik and Mikhail stay up late at night to catch whoever is doing "magic" in their police mobiles. However, the night watchers almost fell asleep, but no saboteur on sight. Until finally, a man arrives at the Interceptors' parking lot carrying a toolbox. It turned out that the criminal is a man named Maksim Rotayov, and he regularly takes vehicle parts so he can sell them for quick cash. The team then proceeded to arresting Rotayov and had the rest of Task Force Interceptors confiscate all the money that was confirmed to have been earned from the stolen parts, and decided to donate the confiscated money to charity and government projects.

Absent: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Guest star: Vladislav Sikhovich as Maksim Rotayov

30 4 Royal Vegetables June 13, 1970 209 1.218
On a more historical note, Amanda walks into the headquarters to find a severed private part in her desk. She was immediately haunted by the thought that her one-night stand in the office the other night must have lost his private part because of the intensity of her "moves". Until Yefrem, Dzherik and Amanda decided to conduct a research in a library nearby, and found out that Arbat Soledad, son of Julio Soledad, was killed in Arbatskaya City in 1867 during the Six Years' War, and when his body was recovered, his private parts where nowhere to be found. Rumors are that Arbat Soledad's private parts are still somewhere in Arbatskaya City to this day. Yefrem, Dzherik and Amanda immediately prepared the "vegetables" for transport to the National Museum for authentication whether the recovered private part really was the private part of Arbat Soledad that was lost one hundred one years ago. However, it turns out that it was not Soledad's lost vegetables, the one that they recovered belong to a man whose vegetables got cut while in a riot along the streets. Meanwhile, while doing a mission with just the two of them, Mikhail and Azamat found another severed private part. They planned to surrender it to the RBI for investigation, however, they discovered that the vegetables really are, true and authentic, the lost royal vegetables.

Note: The issue regarding Arbat Soledad's severed vegetables, which was given life by claims of its recovery from 1968 to 1970, was featured in this episode.

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky

31-32 5-6 Crew Goes to New York June 20, 1970 203-204 1.701
The Interceptors have just gone from a hard day's mission, so they all plan on going to the same bar where the events of "Flirting with Chicks" happened. However, just as they were all about to leave, some mail was brought to them by Lt. Shevchenko: an invitation from the New York Police Department telling all of them to go to New York for an important mission. After arriving to New York, the crew was then informed by the situation: Justin Beckley, one of the FBI's Most Wanted for transporting black market minerals, is currently on the watchlist of the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and since neither from the aforementioned states can catch the criminal, they have enlisted the help of the Task Force Interceptors, as they have heard about their abilities in catching and apprehending most wanted people in Arbatskaya City. At first, the team declined the job, however, after they were offered $4,000, they immediately accepted. Before doing their course of action, the team first planned on how they are going to catch the criminal. However, before they can even catch Justin, they have to know his style, how he attacks, how his standard escape procedure goes, every bit of information that would make him easy to catch, and based on their "research", they found out that Justin's hideout is in the penthouse of a 37-story apartment building in Brooklyn, he goes out of his hiding place at exactly 11:15 PM every night to sell his black market products, speeds his way up westward in case of a cop chase (if there's no cop chase, he would spend his night at his favorite bar somewhere in New Jersey), and then goes back to his apartment at exactly 7:00 AM the next morning, and sleeps the day away. At 3:45 PM in the afternoon, he would once again leave his hideout, buys his materials from some black market in either Miami or Hollywood in Florida, and goes back to his hideout at around 6:30 PM, then processes the materials to create something worth selling. After they found out the information, they now start their course of action.

Because they thought of bringing Lt. Shevchenko with them, the team has now one additional member to perform the action with. They buy a 1,000-meter-long lead solder and molded it with Dzherik's soldering iron to make it look like an authentic black market silver crystal. Lt. Shevchenko and Amanda then put up a black market stall somewhere in Lower Manhattan, while Maria and Azamat direct Justin to the area to make sure he will buy the Interceptors brand silver crystal for a whopping price of only $8.50, while back in Justin's apartment, Yefrem, Dzherik and Mikhail wait for Justin to enter his hideout so they can set up the booby trap for when he comes out again, and Konrad is patiently waiting in the NYPD cop mobile that was lent to them. After a few moments, Justin was already at Amamnda and Lt. Shevchenko's market stall and has successfully bought the block of soldering iron for $8.50, and the two signals Yefrem, Mikhail and Dzherik that the target is on his way in. After a few minutes, Justin's car was parked in front of the building, and the target gets in. Yefrem, Mikhail and Dzherik then prepare the booby trap, as Justin might discover that the silver is fake, so they thought that the target will leave almost immediately. However, an hour after they finished the booby trap, Justin still hasn't come out yet, leading them to think of a back door that he could've gotten out through, and after a few minutes of searching, they discovered that there really is a back door, and that Justin might have gotten out through the back door thinking that there was something going on. Yefrem calls Lt. Shevchenko to prepare for an impending rampage. However, it was too late: Justin went to the stall with several of his "battle buddies" and "assaulted" Lt. Shevchenko and ""assaulted"" Amanda. When asked what's the difference, Lt. Shevchenko merely replies that the assault on Amanda was something more gravely and more intense. However, when Yefrem asks about Justin and his accomplices, Lt. Shevchenko says that they have escaped. Yefrem then calls Maria and Azamat and told them to keep eye of Justin and his accomplices. After a few minutes, Azamat saw Justin's car pass them by, so he decided to follow them, but leaving Maria behind. From their pager, Maria calls Lt. Shevchenko and asks to pick her up and take her to where Yefrem and the others are. After Maria, Amanda and Lt. Shevchenko arrived in front of Justin's apartment building, where Yefrem and the others have already removed the booby trap in case anyone else in the building goes out of the front door, they all go inside the NYPD mobile and try to reach Azamat through the car's radio. However, Azamat focused on chasing Justin's car and forgot to turn on his radio. Because of this, the whole team just waited for any information regarding Azamat or Justin. After a few minutes, a police officer from the NYPD reached into the team's radio, saying that they just saw Azamat pass by the New York-New Jersey border, still chasing Justin. Konrad then sped up and prepared for a grand chase. However, since there are seven of them in the cop mobile, Amanda agreed to be put into the trunk, provided that Konrad make it fast. As the team reaches New Jersey, they can now finally reach Azamat through the radio, and Azamat directs them into a one-way street nearby. The team took the opposite end of the road, and collided with Justin's car in the process. After an epic battle that followed, the team successfully took out all of Justin's accomplices. However, during the final battle, the Interceptors had a hard time in taking down the criminal. Suddenly, Dzherik secretly reaches for his bag in the cop mobile, brought out his tazer, and gave it to Azamat, who tazed Justin right out on the spot. Later that night, the team took the unconscious Justin to the NYPD headquarters, and the director deposited $4,000 right into Mikhail's account as promised. After completing the mission, the team decided to go to some bar in New Jersey before going back to Margovya.

Note: This is the first episode to be filmed outside Margovya. Also, Iosef Dimakulanov was allowed to hire international actors as guests, only for the episode.

Guest star: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko

Special Guest stars: Dudley Moore as NYPD officer, Donald Sutherland as NYPD Director, Robert Wagner as Justin Beckley

33 7 The Real Queen June 27, 1970 207 1.406
Amanda walks in to the headquarters on a regular working day to find another woman "making out" with Mikhail. The woman turned out to be Mikhaela Arasova, a bed expert who wanted to take Amanda's place as the Queen of the Bed of the Task Force Interceptors, and claiming that she is the real Queen of the Bed. A flashback from 1967 was shown, where Mikhaela and Amanda were both applying for the position of the Queen of the Bed, however, Mikhail picked Amanda because of her greater "sex appeal", and because of that, Mikhaela swore that she will work her sex appeal up, and after two years, she's back to battle Amanda for the position of Queen of the Bed. Mikhail was able to stop the fight that inevitably happened, and challenged them that whoever can take most guys to bed for the whole week may take the Queen of the Bed spot. Because of this, the team was lacking one member the whole week, and unfortunately, almost all of their missions are rape operations and require the Queen of the Bed to distract the rapists. Meanwhile, after the week, the scores were counted, and their score is tied at 77, and they decided to make deductions. Based on the conditions given by Mikhail, each session must last at least one hour long, the guy should make the move first, and they should use at least ten condoms per session. After disqualifying all the sessions that did not make the qualifications, Amanda's score was 28 and Mikhaela's score was 27, making Amanda the winner, thus she stays in the Task Force Interceptors, with Mikhaela swearing once again that she will take her revenge.

Special guest star: Svetlana Elemat as Mikhaela Arasova, Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky

34 8 Made in Peru July 11, 1970 206 1.424
Another crime is reported once again in the Task Force Interceptors: a manufacturer of goods in Beijing, China, is trying to pass off his substandard goods as high-quality ones by marking them "Made in Peru". A famous example is the "CedLee" brand of Peruvian coffee that the team is buying every day. Yefrem, Dzherik and Konrad did their research and found out that Cedric Lee, the man behind the CedLee line of products, is currently in Margovya; he is residing just somewhere in Yobatav City! Mikhail contacts the Interceptors' contact in Yobatav, aka Lt. Shevchenko, and had him track down the current address of Lee. After having the RBI investigate Lee's case, the crew was given a warrant of arrest on Lee. They then track down the businessman's location, and raided Lee's business. After an interrogation, Lee managed to outsmart the team and escaped from the scene, and after a high-speed chase that followed, the team was finally able to capture Lee and arrest him. Lee is also forced to give a refund to all people who bought his substandard products. Meanwhile, another police group in Arbatskaya has once again suspected Timofey, the VHS lessor from "Pirated Entertainment", of selling pirated movies. Maria and Amanda then go to his video shop, where a group of police officers from the Kirilov City Police Department has shut down the business even without an arrest warrant. Maria and Amanda then found out that the police officers aren't really there to check if Timofey's videos are pirated; they wanted to collect his movies for free and then sell them! Maria and Amanda then had Marko Tidzhomov, Mikhail's contact in the Yobatav City Police District, and had him arrest the corrupt police officers.

Absent: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky, Ruma Kumlidov as Cedric Lee

35 9 Mechanical Problems July 18, 1970 211 1.438
Marko called; their cop mobiles in the Yobatav City Police Department broke down, and they need a mechanic who can repair it before the government protest in Ikulsk, in which they have "volunteered" in, the next day. However, all the mechanics they know told them that the cars won't be ready for until one or two days later, so they enlisted the help of the Interceptors, particularly Azamat, who was a mechanic before joining the Task Force Interceptors. However, tomorrow came, and Azamat still hasn't finished repairing the cop mobile, so Mikhail lent his personal Yakovich M57 to them. Meanwhile, Yefrem's car broke down, so he took it to a nearby mechanic, who promised to have it repaired in twelve hours. However, when Yefrem returned after twelve hours, his car is nowhere to be found, and so is the mechanic whom he talked to earlier, so he and the whole Task Force Interceptors conducted a search operations for the mechanic/conman, and their search took them to as far as Greendrop, New Marginalia. They collaborated with the Greendrop City Police Department and eventually, they caught the criminal, and brought him back to Arbatskaya City to be arrested and jailed. Yefrem gets his car back, good as new.

Guest stars: Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Lavrenty Pankavuranov as mechanic

36 10 You Can Talkie While You Walkie July 25, 1970 208 1.454
Because the Interceptors can't really communicate with each other when they split up during a mission, the pager doesn't really help, and the radio only works if they are riding in the cop mobile, the team decided to officially adapt the use of the walkie talkie, which may help them communicate with each other more effectively during a mission, and this was proven by their next call, in which a gang fight between the Andivinskaya and the Barbarovsky Bratva was reported to them, and they were tasked to stop the fight. Yefrem, Konrad and Mikhail stay in their original position about 45 meters away from the fight, and Maria and Dzherik go up a 12-story building just beside the fight scene, and using their new walkie talkies, Mikhail has successfully instructed Dzherik to drop a grenade from where they are just in the right time, and after the grenade exploded, that was where Yefrem, Konrad and Mikhail came in to arrest all people involved, all people who were still alive, that is.

Absent: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky, Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

37 11 Rumor Has It August 15, 1970 210 1.465
Marko called; a talk show host is being reported for talking numerous false rumors about celebrities that may seem realistic, but what hit them the most was that the said talk show host has been degrading both the image and credibility of police officers on the latest episode of his talk show. Because even the House of Justices refused to do something (a sign that they might have been paid for a blind eye), the Task Force Interceptors were tasked to do something. However, only Yefrem, Maria, Konrad and Mikhail went, as only a limited number of people are allowed to go to prevent further trouble. The four, accompanied by Marko and some officers of the Yobatav Police Department, went to the RBI, showed them the video clip of the controversial episode, and asked the bureau for a warrant of arrest against the talk show, however, RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, refused to give them a warrant of arrest, as according to him, the evidences are "not enough", and the host's case is "not punishable by law", although obviously, it is regarded as libel. Maria, who happened to be an ex-girlfriend of the RBI Director, threatened to spill some of Ruma's "deepest, darkest secrets" on national television, and he immediately issued a warrant of arrest for the talk show host. The host was immediately arrested and charged with libel in the House of Justices. Meanwhile, Azamat, Dzherik and Amanda had nothing to do inside the headquarters, so they decided to rent a VHS copy of the 1957 film "Rumor Has It" in Timofey's shop, however, they couldn't watch it properly, as several police officers from other departments were accidentally invited to watch.

Guest stars: Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich

Special guest star: Marko Duranov as talk show host

38 12 Scam Bonanza August 22, 1970 212 1.486
Lt. Shevchenko called; a group of scam artists have been "terrorizing" at least twenty large businesses and mega-corporations, and collected a total of m1,750,000 over the past 30 days, and to top it off, even the Susana LXV subplatoon were tricked to give their m350,000 annual budget to them in hopes for an interest premium of 100%. Mikhail and the rest of the team figured out at once that the best way to beat a con artist is to out-con them, however, none of the Interceptors are good at counter-scamming scam artists, or at least good in acting, so they just sat in the office pondering about what to do, until Mikhail finally remembers the words given to him by his superior about ten years ago, that if he wanted to strike people, strike him where it hurts, so they decided to find the team's weakness. Yefrem and Dzherik did their "research", and found out that one of the scam team's weaknesses is pornography. One of the sources even said that the last time they watched porn movies, they even surrounded themselves with at least fifty packs of marijuana. Taking their shot, Maria and Amanda went to Timofey's shop and rented a VHS copy of the 1967 film Good Thign It Wasn't My Ex, handed the copy over to Azamat, Konrad and Yefrem, who will be passing off as bystanders in a local convenience store in Arbatskaya City who are obsessed with pornographic movies. When the scam team's front men heard about the "obtained" copy of Good Thing, they immediately rushed into the triad to watch the movie with them, and they go into a little shack beside the headquarters and watched the movie. Halfway into the movie, the scam team's leader Ivan Oriondovich offered the Interceptors some of their marijuana while they watch the movie. Unbeknownst to them, Mikhail has secretly obtained their records of crime, and will now make his move on arresting them. Just in time, the scam team, naming themselves "Best Scammers Ever Corporation", was arrested, while the Task Force Interceptors continued watching Good Thing until the end.

Guest stars: Genaddy Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky, Iosef Dambaluvanov as Ivan Oriondovich

39 13 Shooting Madness August 29, 1970 213 1.505
About thirty minutes before end of shift, and the team is just about to wrap up the day without any missions, when suddenly a bullet was fired from nowhere, almost hitting Amanda where it hurts, causing the whole team to panic. A few seconds later, about eight more bullets were fired and missed anyone from the crew, making the Interceptors flee the headquarters through the back door and seek refuge on the Susana LXV barracks, where the army officials are guarding an important person: RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, who, according to whoever rained the headquarters with bullets, has a big "debt" on him. Lt. Shevchenko explained further that the shooter, under the identity of Ismail Tarapov, kept searching the whole of the premise of the RBI for the director these past few days, and a bystander by Arbatskaya City, who is a suspected member of the Bulshitovskaya Bratva to which Tarapov is greatly affiliated with, told Tarapov that Director Oriondovich was last seen in contact with the Task Force Interceptors, so Tarapov decided to "search" the headquarters of the TFI for Oriondovich. Because of this, the Interceptors, in cooperation of the Susana LXV subplatoon, devised a plan on capturing Tarapov and his accomplices, if any. After a few hours of searching, which kept them awake until about 1:30 AM, they finally captured Tarapov and at least three accomplices, and brought them to the Arbatskaya City Jail. However, just as the Interceptors and the captured criminals were about to leave the scene, a shadow of a man is noticed from behind a tree, chuckling mischievously.

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, Olaf Rodionovich as Ismail Tarapov

40 14 Wrecking Ball October 3, 1970 215 1.516
Mikhail, who usually arrives in the morning at the headquarters first, came in shocked that the door to the office isn't locked, making him think that someone broke in the headquarters. However, he was more shocked to find Amanda sitting on her desk and crying. At first, Amanda refused to tell Mikhail what happened, however, after several persuasions, she finally tells him that her one-night stand at the bar the other night rejected her, the twentieth consecutive time Amanda has had a night session rejected, making her think that she is not worth bringing into bed anymore, and because she was hired by Mikhail way back because of this, she is worried now that Mikhail will fire her if she tells him her problem. Mikhail simply tells her that he is not after her worthiness in night sessions, but he is after her performance in the team. The night that followed, Mikhail set Amanda up for her next date, with the help of Marko. However, the next day, Amanda spent the whole day thinking various ways of committing suicide, and since the rest of the team knew nothing about what happened, they also thought of various ways to stop her, one even going as far as Azamat knocking her out unconscious. After reviving Amanda with water and a little rest, Mikhail tells the crew about Amanda's problem, and Yefrem motions the team that they think of ways to help Amanda solve her problem. However, before they can even think of a way, they saw Amanda riding on a wrecking ball that is being used to demolish a building, naked. Almost all people are begging for her to go down, but she won't listen. A few minutes later, the laborer who was tasked to demolish the building has gone back from lunch break, and he doesn't seem to care that a woman is on the wrecking ball as he continued the demolition. As Amanda was about to hit the building, she realizes that she still wants to live, and she jumps out of the wrecking ball, only to be caught by Mikhail's waiting arms. That night, the whole crew, plus Marko, set Amanda up for another night session, and the next day, Amanda declared it her best night ever.

Absent: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Guest star: Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov

Note: A music video of Miley Cyrus doing apparently the same stunt as Bulshitova did in this episode will be released barely forty-three years later. Since executive producer Iosef Dimakulanov would be dead by then, eventual successor Yulian Markovsky would be making the decision whether to file a lawsuit against the director of the music video. However, he decided not to file a lawsuit, and the team who made the music video refused to comment on the issue.

41 15 The Roaring Twenties: The Reunion (??) October 10, 1970 216 1.708
The episode opens on the date April 22, 1921 (the real set date is December 26, 1969, however, the calendar in the headquarters was mysteriously replaced with a calendar from forty-eight years ago), and Mikhail walks into the headquarters only to find his name plaque changed to Timofey Manlaev; Yefrem's to Lavrenty Talnaev; and Dzherik's to Agustin Gorkovich, and what surprised him more is that there is an extra desk in the headquarters, reserved for a man named Gavril Pavlov, and that their cop mobiles were all vintage-themed vehicles. Only then did he realize that the theme of the ACPD has been turned to that of the 1920's, and that he is portraying an ordinary person who lived in that period, and the only good thing about is is that no missions for the day. However, things got more intense when Yefrem aka Lavrenty Talnaev rushes with the rest of the crew and warns Mikhail aka Timofey that the Russian imperialists are after them. After a few minutes of hiding and escaping that took the crew to Oklakovskaya, Alduva, they decided to stay there for the night, and after they wake up the next day, they were surprised when the date suddenly changes to April 6, 1923. They were called in to the Pozzorubio Bridge in Ikulsk to witness the inauguration of Vasily Agpayev as the first president of Margovya. After the inauguration, the team decided to have a 1920's party inside the headquarters, where Gavril Pavlov has finally arrived. After a hard night's party, they decided to stay in the headquarters for the night. The next day, it was already August 17, 1924. They thought that the calendar has gone back to December 1969, as they were called for a mission. However, the mission was to send the remaining Russian imperialist-turned-vigilantes back to Russia. Mikhail, Yefrem, Gavril and Dzherik, having thought that they have done this before, uses their crazy antics and scaring skills to finally send back the officials back to their country. The next day, it was already October 18, 1925. While Maria, Konrad, Azamat and Amanda couldn't keep up with the roaring twenties madness anymore, they still decided to ride on with the "fun". This time, the team was invited to a dance showdown in Arbatskaya City. There they presented their killer 20's dance moves, and eventually won the showdown. The next day, April 19, 1927, Konrad and Yefrem decided to go to Timofey (Parovsky)'s shop to see if the 1960's movies are now available, however, there are still no Margovyan movies in his shop, hinting that the 20's madness is still there. They however decided to rent a VHS copy of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu and watch it in the headquarters. The next day, January 18, 1929, Maria and Amanda decided to flee Margovya for a moment and stay in Mitu, Colombia for the night, hoping that the 20's madness will be gone the next day. It did, and the next day, January 1, 1930, Gavril finally says goodbye to the crew, as the roaring twenties is already over. As Gavril leaves the headquarters, the theme has once again mysteriously changed back to the present day (January 1, 1970), and the whole crew, still clueless about what happened, decided to just wrap up the day and chill at their favorite bar. However, before they leave, Mikhail, still in the character of Timofey Manlaev, says his catchphrase, "It's the roaring twenties, man!"

Guest star: Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky

Special guest star: Yulian Markovsky as Gavril Pavlov

Note: The plot of this episode is basically the whole summary of the 1960's sitcom The Roaring Twenties, which starred Ribabov, Borisov, Antayov and Markovsky, and the seven scenes that consisted the episode depicts the events of the seven seasons of the series. Before the end credits roll, Mikhail Kurotovsky says the famous line "It's the roaring 20's, man!", Ribabov's catchphrase as Timofey Manlaev in The Roaring Twenties, and eventually the epitaph in Ribabov's grave.

42 16 Queen of the Bed Scandal October 24, 1970 219 1.527
Yefrem and Konrad goes to Timofey's shop to rent another movie, and they were surprised to find a VHS copy of Sixty-Nine Ways to Achieve a Good Erection for lease, as the movie isn't supposed to be released in theaters until about two weeks later, however, they rented it anyway, since the crew is very much looking forward to its release. However, when they inserted the VHS into the player, it didn't contain the film; it contained a controversial video of Amanda and an unknown man "making out" inside what appeared to have been the headquarters itself. When interrogated by Mikhail about the video, Amanda replies that she was making out with her one-night stand inside the headquarters the other night, but she didn't notice that someone was catching her on video. However, she insisted that she locked all the doors of the office and closed all the windows and curtains, implying that someone sneaked in the headquarters to take a video of Amanda and her fling "sharing their moves", and according to Mikhail, if someone did sneak in a room to take a video of a private moment, the case is not on Amanda; its on whoever took the video for trespassing, and it wouldn't even be regarded as public display of affection in Amanda's part, because they tried to keep it private from whoever trespassed the headquarters. They immediately informed the RBI about the situation just in case they try to break into the Interceptors' headquarters some time later. Fortunately, the RBI believed Amanda's side, and they immediately conducted a search operation on the trespasser. After a search operation that took them almost two days, the RBI presented two suspects to the Interceptors; Andrey Mambobosov, a journalist/talk show host from Amazona, Pontival, and Dmitri Yurievich, a pirated VHS lessor from Arbatskaya City. Since Amanda didn't see who took a video of her and her fling, she had the RBI inspect both suspects. Amanda had a feeling that Yurievich was the one, as he is a pirated VHS lessor, he is from Arbatskaya City, and the video was in a VHS copy of Sixty-Nine Ways to Achieve a Good Erection. However, after the RBI and the Task Force Interceptors inspected Yurievich's shop, Sixty-Nine Ways is not there, making them think that he might have thrown every evidence away before being arrested by the RBI. However, after bumping into Mambobosov, Dzherik felt something hard and projected from the suspect's right pocket. The team quickly inspected Mambobosov's pocket, and found a video camera. They immediately searched on Mambobosov's camera and found the video. Mambobosov confessed that he just wanted to become famous as a journalist, so he tried his luck in exposing a "big scoop". When asked why the video is in the VHS copy of Sixty-Nine Ways, he answered that he put it in there so people who doesn't watch his talk show can see it in the VHS of their favorite upcoming movie. Mambobosov is immediately arrested in Arbatskaya City Jail, and was forced to delete the video and quit his career as a journalist and talk show host.

Guest stars: Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, Ismail Laduv as Andrey Mambobosov, Kiril Topasyov as Dmitri Yurievich

43 17 The Grave of Mysteries October 31, 1970 214 1.546
It has already been ten years since Mikhail has taken over his superior's position as captain of the Arbatskaya City Police Department following the latter's death way back in January 1960. Because Mikhail's superior, Oleg Ilgamov, was as important to him as his father, given that he had taken Mikhail to where he is now, the Interceptors decided to go to Arbatskaya Cemetery to pay their respects to the late police officer. After an hour of bonding at Ilgamov's grave, the team decided to head back to the headquarters to respond to calls and missions. However, as they were about to leave the cemetery, they noticed an unlabeled grave by the exit. The grave looks normal when looked from a far distance, but if looked at a closer perspective, one can see the inscriptions El infierno es el cielo nuevo ("Hell is the new heaven"), and in the background, a skull-shaped figure can be clearly seen. After hearing a soft evil laughter from nowhere, Amanda quickly got back into the cop mobile, followed by the rest of the crew, who actually didn't hear anything and was wondering what made Amanda rush back to the car fearfully. At first, Mikhail thought that the one resting in the grave must have been Lev Aldovich or anyone that the Interceptors have fought with in the earlier days. However, to be sure, the team decided to conduct their "research", and by research, they meant digging the grave up to find the identity of the person resting in there. That night, only Mikhail, Yefrem and Azamat headed in there, as Amanda and Maria are too scared to go in a cemetery at night, and has to stay at the headquarters to take note of the findings. To be safe, the team had Lt. Shevchenko and Marko come with them, together with Pavel Rumanov, Lt. Shevchenko's "exorcist" friend from the Army. After a little digging, they found a "slightly fresh" body of a man buried without a casket, whose date of death can be estimated on between mid and late 1969, but they can still tell that the man was in his late 10's or early 20's when he died. After inspecting the man's body, they found his ID in his right pocket, and figured out that the his name is Georgiy Talnaev. Mikhail goes back to the cop mobile and reaches Maria and Amanda through the radio, asking them to find a man named Georgiy Talnaev in the crew's record logbook. the two girls looked on the logbook, and their search took them to the logbook of the Arbatskaya State Police, and there they found out that the man named Georgiy Talnaev is not a criminal; he is an ordinary 19-year-old person who was murdered by a serial killer on November 19, 1969 while driving home from school. The team also discovered that every person killed by the serial killer, under the name Ravil Pataytaov, is buried without a casket, and with the inscriptions El infierno es el cielo nuevo, and with a skull-shaped figure in the background. Mikhail then had Azamat and Marko bring Georgiy's body into the Juana Arbatskaya Memorial Hospital, have him injected with formalin, and then returned to his family, who have actually spent months looking for him, to have a proper re-burial. On the other hand, Mikhail, Yefrem, Lt. Shevchenko and Pavel investigate on Ravil Pataytaov, who happened to have been a student of Arbatskaya State University who has gone evil from experienced poverty, and eventually became a serial killer whose prime targets are fellow students who drive cars to school. They also find out that after killing a total of 666 people from 1967 to 1969, Georgiy being the last, Ravil committed suicide by gunshot in his forehead. However, after locating Ravil's grave in Arbatskaya Cemetery, his spirit immediately haunted Maria and Amanda in the headquarters. Yefrem, Mikhail, Lt. Shevchenko and Pavel immediately headed on back to the headquarters and prayed over the soul of Pavel, and the 666 people he killed during his active years as serial killer. The next day, Mikhail arrives at the headquarters only to find out that the door won't open. Thinking that Ravil's spirit still lingers on, Mikhail realizes that he just left the keys to the office back at home, and immediately goes back to get it.

Absent: Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky, Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Andrey Stepanov as Pavel Rumanov

Note: This episode is the show's Halloween Special for season 2.

44 18 The Impos-ceptor November 21, 1970 217 1.555
The team is surprised that Mikhail hasn't arrived yet, while he is always the first to arrive at the headquarters everyday. A few minutes, Mikhail arrives, however, he is not in his "normal self": hot-headed, snobbish, cold and arrogant, opposite his normal cool, cheerful, approachable and humorous attitude. At first, the crew doesn't seem to mind, as Azamat said that Mikhail has once turned mean when he was dumped by his ex-girlfriend for no apparent reason about five years ago. However, right after he made Amanda do 200 push-ups for bringing a fling inside the headquarters, which is allowable by the normal Mikhail, the rest of the crew started to worry about the Interceptor. Yefrem's first suspicion is that Mikhail might be down with a terminal illness, but Azamat rejects the idea, stating that Mikhail is only thirty-two years old and still too young to develop such illness. Dzherik's next hypothesis was that maybe Mikhail is somewhat hypnotized or "possessed", so they tried to call Pavel, Lt. Shevchenko's "exorcist" friend from the Army. However, as they were about to reach Lt. Shevchenko through the pager, another Mikhail suddenly walks in the headquarters, claiming that the Mikhail that has been in the headquarers the entire day is just an impostor. However, the mean Mikhail declined the other Mikhail's statement, saying that the latter is the impostor. Yefrem tests the two Mikhail's to see who among them is the real Capt. Mikhail Kurotovsky. Mikhail No. 1 (the mean one) answers all three questions, which is about the standard operating procedures of the Interceptors, and even managed to show Mikhail's ID, which, according to Dzherik, is authentic. However, Mikhail No. 2 stated that the other Mikhail tied him up in his bed back at home, forced him to narrate the Interceptors' SOP, and stole his ID. When no one among the team showed signs of belief in what he said, he proceeded to narrating all the events that happened in the crew in the past, starting from the day Yefrem was recruited in the crew, until they conducted an investigation on the mysterious grave at the Arbatskaya Cemetery, statements that Mikhail No. 1 cannot counter-attack, meaning that Mikhail No. 2 is the real Interceptor, and No. 1 is the impostor. Mikhail no. 1 had no choice but to reveal himself as Ivan Tarapov, who was also the one who once rained the headquarters with bullets. Tarapov stated that he had been posing as Mikhail to take note of the Interceptors' daily routine and eventually take down all of them for ruining his plans on killing RBI Director Oriondovich. Tarapov then tries to open fire on everyone when suddenly, Marko and the some police officers in the Yobatav PD came in and arrested him. Tarapov is supposed to be detained in the Yobatav City Jail, however, after a few hours, the Interceptors discovered that he had escaped from the Yobatav City Police.

Guest star: Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Olaf Rodionovich as Ismail Tarapov

45 19 Azamat's Girlfriend November 28, 1970 218 1.568
Raum Morozov, former co-worker of Azamat from the repair shop in Arbatskaya City, came in the headquarters, saying that a woman named Maria Ozauova, who claimed to have been Azamat's girlfriend of about six years before breaking up with him back in 1962, has been looking for him at the repair shop thinking that he still works for the shop. When asked by Mikhail what happened next, Raum said that he told the woman that Azamat quit work in the shop a year after she left, and that he doesn't know to where does he work now, as understanding Maria's attitude of being too pushy, aggressive and controlling. Azamat, hearing the conversation, begs Raum and the Interceptors not to let Maria that he works for the ACPD now, whilst sharing his six-year relationship with Maria. At first, Maria was 'okay' to him as a girlfriend, however, as their relationship reached one year, the woman became too pushy, demanding, and controlling. Shortly before Azamat graduated from high school in 1958, Maria even decided where Azamat would take up college, and what degree should he take. And after picking criminology (Maria's most hated degree program) as his degree, Azamat and Maria's relationship started to go down the toilet. According to Azamat, Maria never gave him enough "space". She even visits him in class to make sure that he is really studying and not "making out with women". Also, from time to time, Maria has repeatedly demanded him that he quit his criminology course if he wanted to "keep their relationship healthy". Azamat, choked by the way Maria runs both their relationship and his life, decided to turn to Mikhail, his long-time best friend before becoming his superior, and Mikhail recommends that Azamat date his sister, and eventually become his full-time girlfriend once Maria grabs the bait, to which the rest of the crew glared at Mikhail for "teaching Azamat how to fling". The plan worked, and Maria finally broke up with Azamat the day before his graduation in 1962, and after eight years, according to Raum, Maria is back to get back together with Azamat. The Interceptors promise to keep Azamat guarded from the "intruder". However, the next day, a loud bang (as loud as the gunshot fired at the headquarters some time ago) was heard at the front door of the office. When Konrad peeped into the window, the face of an angry old woman shocked him. It was Maria Ozauova, who has just learned from several bystanders that Azamat is now working for the ACPD. The whole crew made sure that the door will not be opened, but one idea struck Mikhail: cases like these can be charged with assault, but could only do if Maria breaks the door open and is followed by several followers. Mikhail then instructed Dzherik to call Lt. Shevchenko to have some of his mates to come to the headquarters and enter from the back door. After Dzherik saw Lt. Shevchenko's car approach the office, the crew then let go of the front door, which was broke open by Maria, followed by her "one-night stands". After the encounter, the Interceptors, backed up by several Army soldiers, managed to take down all of Maria's reinforcements and arrest the woman herself. Also, before Maria was brought to the City Jail, Maria (Zheshchenina) yells at her, saying that Azamat turned her down because they share the same name.

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Radoslav Maryanov as Raum Morozov, Anna Politova as Maria Ozauova

46 20 Beating the Heat December 5, 1970 220 1.590
Summertime has made its way to Margovya once again, and the Interceptors needed to take a vaction and go to the beach to cool down, and since there are no beach resorts in Margovya (except for the illegal "Amazon River Beach Resort"), they decided to go on a roadtrip adventure to Hotel Costa del Sol in Trujillo, Peru, however, before they leave, Lt. Shevchenko called; the Trujillo branch of Timofey's VHS leasing shop was trashed by a group of Margovyan gangsters who were rumored to have been overpowered by both the Peruvianovo Bratva in New Marginalia and the Shining Path of Margovya, and are now "terrorizing" the streets of Trujillo. And to top it off, the police officers in Trujillo are not doing anything to stop the gang from doing further destruction of the city. Lt. Shevchenko tried to have his mates search for the said gang, but Peruvian law forbids all neighboring forces to catch criminals from their country directly in Peruvian territory unless with permission from the Peruvian ambassador in their country, so he sought the help of the Task Force Interceptors. The Interceptors first reported the situation to the Peruvian Embassy, and the Ambassador promised that the criminals will be deported back to Margovya in 48 hours. However, after 48 hours, no gang was sent back to Margovya, and the Peruvian authorities doesn't seem to care about the case, so the Interceptors were forced to do something, for Timofey. They disguised as Peruvian tourists with plenty of money (which was given to them by the RBI in exchange for Amanda staying in Margovya and doing a "session" with Director Oriondovich) and headed on to Trujillo. They flaunted their "wealth" so they can be noticed by the gang. After a few minutes, the gang noticed them, and started chasing them, the chase taking them to the headquarters of Trujillo State Police. The gang's leader, Oleg Kapistranov, aims his gun on them demanding them to surrender their money to them, the scene being interrupted by the police of Trujillo, the gang being arrested. The team then reveals their true identity, and from there, they contacted the Peruvian Ambassador in Margovya, who now allows that the criminals be deported to the country. The team then decided to have their summer fun by checking in on Hotel Costa del Sol.

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, Gennady Narukov as Timofey Parovsky, Aleksei Yuntaev as Oleg Kapistranov, Gavril Arbatsky as Peruvian police officer

47 21 The Unsolvable Puzzle December 12, 1970 221 1.606
No missions for today, so Yefrem has once again spent the day helping Mikhail solve today's crossword puzzle. However, today's puzzle seemed impossible to solve unlike the previous puzzles, since today's puzzle is about celebrity gossips that the whole team doesn't even know about. Because they practically have nothing to do for the day (unless either Lt. Shevchenko, Marko or RBI Director Oriondovich calls them for a mission), they decided to conduct some "research" to solve the puzzle. With about forty minutes before the shift ends, the whole crew managed to answer 34 out of 35 puzzle questions. However, one question seems unanswerable: "Who is the celebrity who encountered an accident while on the way to The Margovyan Oldies concert on September 6, 1968?", which answer contained eleven letters, with letters 'R' (first letter), 'M' (third letter), another 'M' (seventh letter), and 'V' (last letter). Yefrem then recalled that they were in the concert back in 1968 ("Roadtrip Vacation"), and they were stuck in a 233-kilometer traffic jam following a car accident of a rumored teen actor. After they got out of the jam, a bystander told Konrad that Ruma Dumayev collided with a Yakovich LG sports car on his way to the concert hours before the crew reached the site of the accident. Mikhail then wrote down 'Ruma Dumayev', and solved the puzzle.

Note: Ruma Dumayev's accident in 1968 while on the way to the Margovyan Oldies' concert was referenced in this episode, as the concert itself was referenced in the season 1 episode "Roadtrip Vacation".

48 22 Pressure December 19, 1970 222 1.612
A wealthy businessman named Rodion Kurotovsky (not related to Mikhail Kurotovsky) barged into the headquarters and reported one of his employees who happened to stole a huge amount from his company. Mikhail promises Rodion that with the help from Lt. Shevchenko, Marko or the RBI, the criminal will be arrested within five to seven days. However, after Mikhail instructed Maria, Amanda and Azamat to conduct an initial investigation, Lt. Shevchenko called; they now have a clue on where most wanted criminal Ismail Tarapov is hiding, however, he doesn't know where his exact hideout is, and according to some sources, the last group of police officers who tried to search the town for Ismail's exact hideout were all shot dead by unseen sniper bullets, so Mikhail took Yefrem, Konrad and Dzherik and went to the said town which is the Rosaryovskaya District of Soledad, Quintin del Pan. The drive went well at first, but as soon as they entered Rosaryovskaya Approach, they heard some gunshots from nowhere. While Konrad sped up to avoid the bullets, the gunmen seemed to fire faster. Mikhail then decided that they are not yet ready to face Ismail without rethinking their strategy. The next day, Mikhail had the whole team rethink their plan on how to locate Ismail Tarapov's exact hideout when suddenly, Rodion has once again barged in to the headquarters demanding his case be solved as promised, although Mikhail's promise was in five to seven days. After an altercation that followed, Yefrem noticed something: after Rodion slammed his briefcase down, he sneakily opened it and found it empty. Yefrem then deduced that Rodion wasn't really a businessman at all. He then had Mikhail interrogate the complainant why he has been pressuring the team to catch the "employee" of his who took a large "amount" from his "company". Unable to answer, Rodion was quickly forced by Yefrem to confess his true identity, which he did,and they learned that Rodion is one of Ismail Tarapov's accomplices, and he was tasked to stall the crew from tracking his location down. Rodion was quickly arrested and the team decided to go back to investigating Ismail, which they learned that has now moved to another place somewhere in Margovya.

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Anatoly Pankavuranov as Rodion Kurotovsky

49 23 Abandoned Child January 9, 1971 225 1.609
Walking into the headquarters, Mikhail was shocked to see a barely-a-month-old baby by the office's front door. After the rest of the crew arrived, Mikhail immediately looked for Amanda, as he suspects that Amanda might have been impregnated by one of her flings nine months ago, and that she chose to escape the responsibility of motherhood by giving birth at the headquarters and leaving the baby out there. However, even though it is undeniable that no one knows where Amanda went, Yefrem reminded Mikhail about making hasty generalizations. Mikhail took the brain's advice and contacted the Ministry of Social Welfare and handed over the baby to them. After a few hours, the found baby was reported on Margovya Patrol, and the crew later found out that Miryam Vulvanova, a 16-year-old student from Arbatskaya State University High School, is the mother of the baby, and immediately came to pick her baby up. However, one more question is still left unsolved: the whereabouts of Amanda Nekazanka.

Absent: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky, Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Guest Star: Maria Poliostrova as Social Welfare Minister Darya Timofeyeva

50 24 Rock Star January 16, 1971 224 1.621
The Interceptors are still clueless on the whereabouts of Amanda, or where Ismail is hiding, but Lt. Shevchenko called, reporting a suspicious-looking cargo truck carrying what is suspected to be a huge load of firearms and weapons, and Mikhail therefore instructed Yefrem, Konrad and Dzherik to follow the truck, while he, Maria and Azamat would face a bigger problem, that is, finding Amanda and hunting down Ismail Tarapov. However, a thirteen-year-old boy walks into the headquarters introducing himself as Maksim Timofeyenko, son of Faddey Timofeyenko, vocalist of the rock band Amazona Hunks, to report the driver of a Yakovich M50, with license plate number O8B3N9, which, according to him, deliberately collided with his car. Mikhail rejects his case, saying that they are busy hunting down a criminal in Margovya's Most Wanted, and that the least he can do is not to arrest the kid for driving underage and without license. However, Maksim insisted that the Interceptors do something to arrest the driver of the said Yakovich M50, and that he be given top priority, solely because he is the son of a rock star. After an argument that followed, rock star Faddey Timofeyenko walks in, confronts his son, and at the same time apologizes to the crew for his son's misbehavior. The team then went back to hunting down Ismail, after getting an autograph from Faddey. Meanwhile, Yefrem, Konrad and Dzherik finally caught the cargo truck, and managed to interrogate its driver and make him tell them the contents of his truck. They also found out that the driver is one of Ismail's accomplices. The driver of the truck then went on to confess that the contents of the truck were firearms and explosives to be used by Tarapov in his next "mission". However, before he goes on to speak about the mission, the truck exploded, killing the driver instantly. Apparently, someone who has been inside the truck has committed suicide bombing. Fortunately, all three cops managed to leave the scene unscathed.

Absent: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Boris Birsakov as Maksim Timofeyenko

Special guest star: Faddey Timofeyenko as himself

51 25 The Brawn is Dead, the Queen of the Bed is Kidnapped! January 30, 1971 223 1.644
Yefrem and Azamat have been granted an overtime by Mikhail, as there really is something to be done in order to hunt down and arrest, or if possible, "render harmless" Ismail Tarapov as soon as possible, as Mikhail has just heard from Marko that Lev Aldovich is back in the country and might be trying to do something "diabolical" again. However, they decided to do a drinking session inside the headquarters first before continuing with the work, and after Yefrem, Azamat and Mikhail drank three, eight and twenty-six bottles of beer, respectively, they went back to work. However, after a few minutes, Mikhail is knocked down on his desk, drunk. Yefrem volunteered to take Mikhail home while Azamat do some investigation while he is gone. However, a few minutes after Yefrem left, a suspicious shadow of a man is seen outside of the headquarters. Azamat didn't mind it at first, but after a few minutes, the were suspecting sounds, and when Azamat finally looked at the window, a gun has been fired. The next morning, Mikhail, though down with hangover, managed to drive to the headquarters and arrive early, and thought that he was hallucinating when he saw Azamat lying on the floor, head next to a small blood puddle. When the rest of the Interceptors saw what happened, they immediately decided to contact the RBI. Maria and Dzherik head on to RBI Arbatskaya to report the case, while the rest of the team decided to investigate on the death of Azamat, and based on Azamat's position, lying on the floor with his left hand on his chest holding a gun, Yefrem can tell that whoever killed Azamat tried to clean up his act by making the scene look like Azamat committed suicide, however, the gunshot is on the right side of Azamat's head, not on his heart, making Yefrem call Azamat's assailant "terrible criminals who don't know how to clean up their act". Lt. Shevchenko and Marko came in and helped investigate Azamat's body by conducting an autopsy, and the report showed that he has been hit by a .38 caliber pistol, and the brand "CedLee" made them suspect one person who buys these kind of guns: Lev Aldovich, who is back in the country. Lt. Shevchenko captured Aldovich easily while Marko interrogated him, however, the result was negative. Meanwhile, while on the way to RBI Arbatskaya, Dzherik pulled by a nearby convenience store to buy himself and Maria some energy drink. However, while idle on the car, Maria saw Ismail by the corner, talking to an accomplice of his. Maria eavesdropped on the two, and found out that it was Ismail who ordered to have Azamat killed and that he kidnapped Amanda and kept her in his hideout in Filipiniana, Arbatskaya for almost a month. However, Maria was caught eavesdropping, and was immediately captured by Ismail, just as Dzherik went out of the convenience store. Maria, however, managed to say everything she knows to Dzherik before she was completely taken away by the criminals.

Absent: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Olaf Rodionovich as Ismail Tarapov

Final appearance: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky

52 26 An Unlimited Line of Operations February 6, 1971 226 1.659
Dzherik, panicking and at the same time pondering what to do, decided to follow Tarapov's car until it stopped by another convenience store, this time in Ikulsk, near the Ervin Kraymbustrov building where the RBI headquarters is located. He then went inside the RBI and talked to Director Oriondovich, telling him to follow Ismail's car to where he is hiding, while Dzherik goes back to Arbatskaya City and tell the Interceptors everything he knows and then they will make the move. Director Oriondovich then gathered at least ten of his agents and followed Ismail's car as the criminal continued flooring up. Meanwhile, Dzherik soon arrived at the headquarters, where he tells the rest of the team that Ismail was the one who killed Azamat, and kidnapped Amanda, and now, he has also held Maria captive, and the RBI is now on their way to where Ismail and his accomplices are hiding. The rest of the team, including Lt. Shevchenko and Marko, and some of the police officers of Yobatav City PD and some cadets of Susana LXV, headed on using Marko's truck (from the episode "Siege") to Ismail's hideout. Using the police radio, Mikhail was able to reach Director Oriondovich, who took one of Ismail's stolen working police radios, and told them the road-to-road directions to Ismail's hideout, which took them all the way to Sta. Conrada, Quintin del Pan. On the entrance to Ismail's hideout, the team took out as many guards as they can. After another guard opened the front door to the building, Konrad shot him on the spot, making it a bit easier for them to enter the building. Entering the building, the team took out at least one hundred guards, until they decided to split up. Once again, Yefrem and Konrad paired up, while Dzherik went with Lt. Shevchenko, and Marko went with Director Oriondovich, and their other reinforcements were paired up. After searching the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, the bathroom, and the "diabolical area", however, Maria and Amanda aren't there. While chaos is going on, Yefrem and Konrad secretly went out of the building and saw a suspiciously overprotected garage by the building. The two of them then thought of how to break in to the garage without being seen. They reached Mikhail through the walkie talkie and asked for grenades. Mikhail then went out and gave them the keys to the truck, where the grenades are contained "just in case". They took the explosives and bombed the garage door open, killing almost all of the guards surrounding the area. Yefrem and Konrad entered the garage and saw Maria and Amanda tied up. Freeing the two, they rushed out of the building, taking out the remaining guards in the garage. Yefrem advised Maria and Amanda stay first in the truck to be able to relieve themselves from the trauma. Yefrem instructed Konrad to stay with the two in the truck and then went back to the building alone, where he was joined by Dzherik and the rest. Going up to the rooftop, the team has once again taken out the remaining guards, until they reached the rooftop, where Ismail is waiting. Ismail brings in over fifty more of his bodyguards, and the team's reinforcements have taken out all of them, though without a Brawn, Mouth and Speed. Dzherik and Marko gets injured, though, and they were brought by Yefrem and Lt. Shevchenko to the truck. Mikhail and Ismail were the only ones left in the standoff. Ismail points his gun at Mikhail, and vice versa. After a bloody exchange of words, Mikhail then pulls the trigger and shoots Ismail in the right foot, the impact making Ismail fall off the building and die on the spot. The team then decided to attend Azamat's funeral to pay their respects to their teammate, where Amanda has officially announced her resignation from the team, saying that her trauma from what happened has made her reevaluate herself and her fitness for the world of police officers, and that she has decided that she is better off as a plain "queen of the bed" instead. After Azamat's remains were buried, the team returned to the headquarters, where Gavril Lamitalovsky of the Ikulsk Police Department, asking them for help in temporarily filling in for nine of their secret agents in a special "deniable operations" unit who died in a massive rampage in Acapulco, Mexico. Mikhail immediately accepts, and the team then proceeded to packing up and moving to Ikulsk, entrusting Lt. Shevchenko the headquarters while they are gone. The team is then seen in the cop mobile on the way to the Ikulsk Police Department, and suddenly the frame freezes, and then fades to black, officially ending the second season.

Guest stars: Gennady Duganin as Lt. Shevchenko, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, Oleg Rondayev as Gavril Lamitalovsky

Final appearance: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

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