The Interceptors
Season 1
No. of Episodes 26
Original Run April 26, 1969 - January 10, 1970
Written by Leonid Pankavuranov
Terentiy Lubovenko
Ismail Mambobosov
Iosef Dimakulanov
Directed by Iosef Dimakulanov
Alakdan Rumanov
Vasily Borisov
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors chronology
Season 2

The first season of the Hit TV series The Interceptors began broadcast on Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on April 26, 1969 and ended on January 10, 1970, spanning twenty-six episodes. The season featured two TV movie specials, "Pilot" and "Siege", which served as the season's premiere and finale, respectively.

Season OverviewEdit

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in season Title Original Airdate Production Code Viewers (millions)
1-2 1-2 Pilot April 26, 1969 101-102 1.016
Twenty-five-year-old Yefrem Zhazhunev (Vasily Borisov) has just finished his criminology degree in Arbatskaya State University, and now wants to work for a real police department to be able to prove to his parents that he is not a loser like what they think about him. Konrad Dzhamalsky (Gleb Maryanov), Yefrem's roommate, who now works at the Arbatskaya City Police District, recommends Yefrem to start fresh at the Task Force Interceptors, as he learned that the team needs a good strategist that can help them figure out a plan as fast as possible, given that villains nowadays are getting harder to defeat. However, during the interview with Capt. Mikhail Kurotovsky (Marvik Ribabov), also known as "The Interceptor", who likes to interview new applicants in front of the rest of the Task Force Interceptors, Yefrem only gave trivial facts about police officers and sounded really geeky and nerdy, earning him the ridicule of the other members of the crew, especially Maria Zheshchenina (Irina Balkonovich), the "mouth" of the group, who insulted him gravely enough to make him lose his confidence and self esteem completely. Yefrem thinks his parents were right about him being a loser, and thought of killing himself by jumping from the rooftop of their twenty-seven-story apartment building, only to be pulled back by Konrad, comforting him and telling them that just because some rude people are fond of throwing painful words at him, it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. The next day, an unexpected problem invades the Task Force Interceptors as Lev Aldovich (Alakdan Rumanov), an infamous thief and kidnapper, has held Amanda Nekazanka (Susana Bulshitova), the team's "Queen of the Bed", captive, demanding the Task Force Interceptors a ransom of 450,000 margots. Maria tried to haggle with the criminal by using her power of words, but Aldovich rather raised the ransom to m750,000. Infuriated, The Interceptor sent Azamat Kamchatsky (Simon Shevchenko), the crew's "brawn", to beat the criminal up, only to find out that Aldovich's base is guarded with at least fifty armed men. The guards beat Azamat up, and the next thing he knew was that he is held captive by Aldovich as well, and the kidnapper raised the ransom to one million margots for two people. And that's when the crew thought of getting Yefrem back. However, Yefrem refused to join the Task Force Interceptors just so he can give them what they want and then have himself humiliated and insulted once the job is done. Feeling bad for losing their smart prospect, the three remaining members of the crew started blaming each other until they fought themselves, until the Interceptor initiated that they stop the fight and just give in to Aldovich. Maria, Konrad and the Interceptor arrive at the warehouse with one million margots, finding Amanda and Azamat tied up in front of two guards. Kurotovsky gives Aldovich the money in exchange for the two crew members, however, Aldovich doesn't comply with the pact, and instead had his guards open fire on Amanda and Azamat, but before the guards can even shoot the two, a couple of gunshots were heard, killing both guards instantly. Three police officers from the Filipiniana City Police District, who are colleagues of Yefrem's came in and freed Amanda and Azamat. Yefrem then came out and revealed that he was the one who shot the two guards, and that he has twenty more of his college buddies who came out and took out all guards in the place, while the rest of the enemies fell into Yefrem's net trap and were later thrown into the Amazon river. The rest of the team apologizes to Yefrem for being so hard on him, and welcomes him to the team as "The Brain". Aldovich is later forced to surrender to the police and was about to be taken to Filipiniana City Jail when he escaped with the money. However, Yefrem reveals that he replaced the money with one million fake money, and returns the briefcase with the real money to the Interceptor.

First appearance: Vasily Borisov as Yefrem Zhazhunev, Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky, Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky, Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka, and Marvik Ribabov as Mikhail Kurotovsky

Recurring Guest Star: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich (first appearance)

Guest Stars: Andrey del Quiev and Oksana Dumayeva as Yefrem's parents

3 3 Boxing Match May 3, 1969 103 0.897
Because there are no crimes being reported all throughout the day, Yefrem spends his first day hanging out wiht the rest of the team, sharing his life story and what pushed him to take up criminology, and help the Interceptor finish the daily crossword puzzle. However, just before their shift ends, a police officer from Ikulsk City Police District barged in and reports an underground boxing match going on in Ikulsk, and to top it off, all cops involved in the raid can't stand up to the place's feature boxer, "Dirty Johnny", who can kill his opponent just by strangling him for not more than three seconds. The crew then head over to Ikulsk, only to find all police reinforcements of Ikulsk knocked down and SWAT members all tied up. Azamat, being the brawn of the group, tries to bring "Dirty Johnny " down, however, he was outsmarted by the boxer and was knocked out unconscious, only to be revived by the rest of the Interceptors crew a few hours later. After Azamat regains consciousness, the crew then rethink their strategy on how to bring down and, if possible, kill Dirty Johnny. Amanda then poses to seduce Johnny and then brings him into a secluded alley, where they take a little moment. Just as Amanda gave a hidden signal, Yefrem walks in and pretends to be Amanda's "boyfriend", and holds back Johnny with a gun. Right after Johnny took out his gun, Azamat walks in and delivers a powerful punch in Johnny's face, making the latter drop his gun. Konrad and Maria walks in and handcuffs Johnny while Azamat restrains the guy. The Interceptor then walks in and was supposed ot make the final move by shooting Johnny dead, but he then decided he be jailed instead. The screen then fades to the scene where Johnny is held captive by Ikulsk police officers in the National Zoo, his hands and feet handcuffed while he is being kept in a cage with five lions, who are about to maul him.

Guest Star: Ivan Markovich as "Dirty Johnny"

4 4 Delivery Madness May 10, 1969 106 0.868
Upon entering his office, the Interceptor was shocked by the number of mails stacked in his desk. He asked the crew why there are thousands of mails stacked inside the office, as well as why Konrad and Amanda are not around, both questions the crew wasn't able to answer. Since the speed is absent, Yefrem and Azamat were tasked to deliver all the mail, while Maria and Kurotovsky team up to find out who delivered all the mail into the office. The delivery team succeeds in delivering the mail, but the investigative team failed in finding out who did the act, and on the next day, even more mail were found on Kurotovsky's desk. Pushed to the edge, the Interceptor refuse to let the mail be delivered, instead, all four of them find out who did the act. After doing several investigations, they all find out that Lev Aldovich was the one who kept delivering mail into the Interceptors' office. To get back at him, Kurotovsky intercepted all death threats sent to different government agencies, the Task Force Interceptors included, and sent them all to Aldovich's residence (or hideout), and later on they find out that Aldovich has fled Margovya out of fear.

Absent: Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky and Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Recurring Guest Star: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich

5 5 Technology For Sale May 31, 1969 104 0.871
The Interceptor calls the whole crew for a meeting. He tells them that the criminals nowadays are getting harder and harder to bust, and that they have to recruit another member with a special skill. Just as they were about to continue, a door-to-door technological equipment salesman named Dzherik Aldovich (Boris Antayov) entered the office and tried to sell them walkie talkies for 50 margots, which they refused to buy, with the Interceptor clamining that they "got all the technology they need", adding the fact that Dzherik has the same surname as their arch nemesis, Lev Aldovich. Dzherik tried to claim that he has no relation with Lev Aldovich, but a lie detector censor alarm that he was carrying was triggered, making him admit that he is a cousin of Lev, but he is not as bad as the villain is. To prove that he can be trusted, Mikhail invites him on a mission with the Task Force Interceptors, and it showed that he really was helping the team solve the case. To further prove his trustworthiness, Mikhail dares him to go with Amanda on a dinner date, and after 24 hours, Amanda returns with 54 used condoms but not a single proof that Dzherik is a bad guy. Until the rest of the team has started pressuring Mikhail to recruit Dzherik into the team, but the Interceptor is still skeptic about him. Until the next day, Dzherik has reportedly shot an accomplice of Lev dead. Dzherik was arrested for homicide, but Mikhail releases him and finally says that Dzherik has earned his trust, but the latter would still have to do better to be able to get to the team, a chance that Dzherik would want to take.

Recurring Guest Star: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

6 6 Corrupt Cops June 7, 1969 107 0.891
All three police mobiles of the Task Force Interceptors are down for the moment, so Konrad and Yefrem secretly uses Mikhail's Yakovich M57 for police operations of the day. Sticking a sticky memo pad in the hood of the car with the inscriptions "Out of my way, police officers coming through", the two headed on to perform their duty. However, while in a high-speed chase with a hit-and-run and murder suspect along the Gobrovgrad-Amazona Highway in Pontival, a group of corrupt police officers in the area led by master extortionist David Queruv (Yegor del Quiev) holds them back, apprehends them for overspeeding and charges them m500, not really caring no matter how Yefrem and Konrad insisted that they are police officers in a high-speed chase. When they were finally asked for proof, the two were hesitant to call Mikhail, as he would find out that they took his car. Meanwhile, back in Arbatskaya, one of the police mobiles has finished repairing, thanks to Azamat, who was also a repair mechanic before being recruited into the Interceptors. Mikhail, who now knows what is going on, uses the fixed mobile and drives to Amazona, Pontival, where he finds Yefrem and Konrad being forced to massage Queruv's foot until they decide to withdraw m500 margots from their accounts. Mikhail points his gun on Queruv, and the extortionist lets Yefrem and Konrad go. Queruv goes to prison, and Mikhail finally confronts the two for "stealing" his car. As a punishment, the the two then massage Mikhail's feet for a whole hour.

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Recurring Guest Star: Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv (first appearance)

7 7 Criminal Rush Hour June 14, 1969 105 0.901
It's August 14, the day dubbed as "Criminal Day" in Arbatskaya City, because of the incredibly large number of crimes being reported in the city during this day every year for 29 years in a row, and in its possibly 30th year, police officers in the whole of the city have been doing quadruple effort in preventing crimes from occurring. However, as expected, a total of 338 crimes have been reported in Arbatskaya City from 12:00 to 11:59 AM of August 14, 1968, including twenty-three separate cases of murder, ninety-two separate cases of extortion, 120 separate cases of shoplifting, and thirty-six separate cases of arson. During the second half of the day, the Task Force Interceptors roam around to find any criminals doing shenanigans, and found Lev Aldovich about to commit his thirty-seventh arson of the day, and David Queruv, who has mysteriously got out of the Arbatskaya City Jail and is now about to commit his 100th extortion for the day. Yefrem, being the brain, has once again hatched an idea. They held Aldovich and Queruv captive in the rooftop of their 27-story apartment building, and threatens every active criminal that they will push the two off the building if they won't show up. At first, no criminals listened. However, right after Mikhail put five 500-margot bills in Aldovich's hands and pushes him off the building, the five nearest criminals to the building suddenly rushed in and caught Aldovich, and took the 2500 margots as well, only to be caught and apprehended by Maria and Konrad, while Azamat and Amanda took care if the rest of the criminals in the area. Finally, they recorded 0 crimes from 12:00 to 11:59 PM of August 14, 1968, the longest time a crime has not been recorded during the said day.

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv

8 8 Promotion June 28, 1969 108 0.903
For the event that the whole crew has been waiting for, Capt. Kurotovsky will be announcing all the members who will be promoted to the next rank, which includes Yefrem and Azamat, but after one more quest: the soon-to-be-promoted cops must be able to catch an overspeeding driver within 2 hours and 30 minutes. At first, everything seemed easy, but unknown to them, Mikhail has intentionally put some distractions, like carpooling Dzherik along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway, avoiding Lev's "slingshots", and a "surprise" in the trunk. However, after switching drivers a few times (and by few, they meant countless), they finally caught the driver with one minute and twenty-three seconds to spare. The driver then revealed himself to have been Konrad himself the whole time, which explains why they were having a hard time catching him. Meanwhile, Amanda also begs Mikhail for a promotion and tried different new "whore" moves, but remained unsuccessful.

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich, and Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko (first appearance)

9 9 Roadtrip Vacation July 5, 1969 109 0.905
The Interceptor is absent today, probably on a night out with Amanda, and permitted the rest of the team to have their day off, so they decided to have a road trip to Ciudad del Celebridad to watch The Margovyan Oldies' concert, and decided to take Dzherik, who is apparently a huge fan of the band, with them. However, along the Southern Margovyan Superhighway, a 233-kilometer-long traffic jam kept them waiting, so they did all that they could in order to get to the concert in time, and indeed enjoyed their time off inside the car. After the traffic became lighter, Konrad sped up so they can still get to the concert. Unfiortunately, they missed the concert, but, to their surprise, The Margovyan Oldies were waiting in their headquarters in Arbatskaya City, and gave the team a private concert, thanks to Dzherik, who contacted them after the concert was supposed to lapse.

Absent: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka, Marvik Ribabov as Capt. Mikhail Kurotovsky

Recurring Guest Stars: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Special Guest Stars: The Margovyan Oldies as themselves

10 10 Intercepting the Interceptors July 12, 1969 110 0.919
Ismail Morenov, a wanted criminal with a 50,000-margot-reward placed upon his capture was reported in the whole of Arbatskaya City Police District, and after the Task Force Interceptors heard about the reward, Mikhail immediately sent his best duo to capture the criminal. With only three minutes and thirty-six seconds lapsed, the terrific tag team of Yefrem and Konrad caught the criminal easily, however, the criminal seemed too hard for them to control, so they called the rest of the Interceptors for reinforcements. However, the reinforcements, Maria and Azamat, were intercepted and kidnapped by another special operations team in the ACPD, called "Task Force Crime Busters", led by ambitious police officer Ivan Regondiev, who immediately stole the criminal and brought him to the MNP Head Office and received the m50,000 reward. After a pointless argument with the Crime Busters, Yefrem and Konrad finally reported Regondiev to Mikhail, who was alarmed by the name Ivan Regondiev, as he has heard that Morenov has once fled Margovya and after two years returned as Ivan Regondiev. Mikhail requests Regondiev be brought to the headquarters, and after the two became successful, the Interceptor has proven Regondiev to be the criminal that they were looking for through the years, and the fake Morenov was none other than Lev Aldovich, who was paid to pass off as Ismail Morenov. The Interceptors then free Maria and Azamat, arrests Morenov, and brings him to the MNP Head Office in Ikulsk.

Recurring Guest Star: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich

Guest Star: Andrey Ilganov as Ivan Regondiev/Ismail Morenov

11 11 Battle of the Brains July 26, 1969 112 0.921
Yefrem walks in to the headquarters on a regular work day when suddenly he saw an interview going on, an interview for the application of an aspiring police officer named Ruslan Gramopov, who claimed to have been applying to take Yefrem's place as the Brain. At first, Mikhail clarifies that he has no plans of ever hiring Ruslan to the group, but due to the latter's persistence, he decided to conduct a fake interview with Ruslan, and reject his application afterwards. However, after the "fake" interview continued, the Interceptor seemed very eager to listen to Ruslan's more trivial facts and more knowledge about police operations, and the rest of the crew started scaring Yefrem by the thought that he might really get replaced by Ruslan. In the end, Mikhail decided to conduct a "Battle of the Brains" to decide on whether Yefrem can keep his job as the Brain or be fired and replaced. However, Yefrem lost the battle and would have to say goodbye to his teammates. However, just as he was about to leave the headquarters, he noticed a leaflet on his desk, cheat notes that Ruslan might have used to win the Battle of the Brains. When he confronted Ruslan about this, he revealed himself to have been the brother of the man that Yefrem had accidentally injured during an operation in the crew (a slow motion flashback from the episode "Promotion" shows Yefrem slightly running over a man in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway while chasing Konrad), and threatens that if ever Yefrem does it again, he will kill Yefrem and his family, which was overheard by Mikhail. He immediately arrests Ruslan and lets Yefrem stay in the crew.

Absent: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich, Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv, Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko

Guest Star: Andrey Urov as Ruslan Gramopov

12 12 Stuck in the Middle August 2, 1969 113 0.929
After a regular day's work, Konrad goes to a regular date with his girlfriend Yekaterina. However, as soon as they go to Konrad's house to do some "business", a woman named Fadia Mezina awaits them, claiming that she was one of Konrad's "one-night stands" from two to three weeks ago, and claims that she is pregnant and Konrad is the father. Konrad tries to explain everything to Yekaterina, but despite his denials, Yekaterina instantly breaks up with him. However, the next day, she visits him at the headquarters and tells him that if proven that he is not the father of the child in Fadia's womb, she might consider getting back with him. However, after a week of Fadia "getting in touch" with him, Konrad is no longer sure whether he wants to get back together with Yekaterina, or start a new relationship with Fadia, and thus asks the rest of the team for help. Yefrem simply asks him to reminisce all the memories he had with both girls, and weigh which set of memories would weigh more, and he quickly found out that he does want to get back with Yekaterina, but it might not happen when proven that Fadia's impending child is his. Luckily, Dzherik walks in to the headquarters with DNA testing equipment that he "borrowed" from Yobatav Medical Center, Arbatskaya, and puts Konrad and Fadia to the test for free. The result is negative, and Konrad and Yekaterina get back together.

Recurring Guest Star: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Special Guest Stars: Juana del Quiev as Yekaterina Delkaya and Adriyana Rambuva as Fadia Mezina

13 13 Getting Unlucky August 9, 1969 111 0.938
Today seemed to be an unlucky day for the Task Force Interceptors, as they have gotten into at least fifteen operations the whole day, and had caught no hint of a criminal: they either have escaped, or that there were no criminal at all; they're just false alarms. And to top it off, their "bad luck" seemed to be getting in them even after hours: Konrad was apprehended for overspeeding while going at 83 kph in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway; Yefrem accidentally crash his car with David's and had to pay at least m5,000; Amanda's one-night stand quitted on her; and Mikhail lost his ATM card that contained m15,000. The next day, Lt. Shevchenko, the "surprise" that Mikhail had for promotees Yefrem and Azamat, walks in, seemingly knowing about the team's situation, including the fact that Maria and Azamat can't come to work due to an unknown but severe illness, and recommends a friend of his: a magician/fate manipulator named Gary Houdini, an apparent grandson of renowned magician Harry Houdini, to cure their "bad luck". However, after several attempts, Houdini can't seem to take away their bad luck, until he realized that bad luck can't be taken away; it just had to be deflected onto someone else. Houdini says the magic words, and immediately, the team's bad luck was replaced with good luck, although no one knows exactly to whom the bad luck was passed on. The screen then shows David attempting to extort a large amount of money from a man who turned out to be the son of the Arbatskaya Chief of Police, and was immediately arrested.

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky

Recurring Guest Stars: Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv, Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko

Special Guest Star: Gavril Remontadov as Gary Houdini

14 14 Flirting with Chicks September 20, 1969 114 0.957
It's 6:30 PM, an hour and a half after hours, and Yefrem and Konrad had just been granted an overtime shift by Mikhail. However, right after all the jobs were done, the two then wondered why Mikhail turned left after reaching the first corner when he should be turning right to go home. Interested, Yefrem and Konrad followed Mikhail's car, which led them to a famous bar in Arbatskaya City, which turned out to be one of Mikhail's favorite spots to visit after hours in the Task Force Interceptors. The dynamic duo then spy on the Interceptor make some "moves" on three dancers whilst drinking with them. However, things seemed to have gotten worse when a tough guy named Ruma walks in and confronts Mikhail, telling him that the three dancers are all his girlfriends, and after a "bloody" altercation that followed, Ruma challenged Mikhail into a fist fight. However, unbeknownst to Mikhail, Ruma is an expert martial artist, and is an eighth-degree black-belter in karate and a yellow-belter in taekwondo, and therefore had no difficulty beating him up. However, just before Ruma hits Mikhail where it hurts really bad, Yefrem and Konrad, who had extreme difficulty spying Mikhail from outside the club, suddenly comes to his rescue and backs off Ruma with Yefrem's brainy tactics and Konrad's speedy moves, attacks and defenses. However, before completely walking out, Ruma threatened Mikhail that the next time Mikhail walks in to the bar, Ruma would bring his "army" to bring down Mikhail and whoever reinforcements he would bring. The next day, the whole team talked about what happened the night at the bar, and Maria and Azamat promised to help the Interceptor with this, even with Amanda not around. That night, the whole Task Force Interceptors, with Dzherik, walk in to the bar with several of Yefrem's college buddies from "Pilot", and accompanied with Azamat's classmates from the Andivino District School of Martial Arts, who all ranged from fifth to ninth dan in karate, taekwondo, and judo. Because Ruma's humiliating "army" of five former martial arts students who were kicked out because of their poor skills in the field obviously can't stand to the Interceptors' reinforcements, Ruma just made a deal with Mikhail that whoever gets two out of the three dancers may keep his spot in the bar. Dancer # 1 goes to Ruma, while Dancer # 2 picks Mikhail, meaning that Dancer # 3 has the decision. Ruma tries to threaten the girl with violent gestures, while all of the Interceptors plead her to pick Mikhail. After about three minutes, Dancer # 3 picks Mikhail. As Ruma takes his gun and is about to ask his amateur karate mates to harass the third dancer and to open fire at Mikhail, the team's last batch of reinforcements, their mates from RBI, suddenly barges in and arrests Ruma and his accomplices. The bartender then celebrate by offering all the people in the bar free drinks.

Absent: Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Recurring Guest Stars: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

Guest Stars: Fyodor Gorkov as bartender, Fadia Lermonova, Vasilisa Kravchenko and Andreya Lubovenko as the dancers, Vyacheslav Malenkov as Ruma Sagilev

15 15 Dating Game September 27, 1969 116 0.965
Despite the Interceptor's strict orders that no one from the Interceptors must play a game or a bet that involves money, Yefrem and Konrad celebrate their tenth anniversary as best friends forever by conducting their annual dating game, in which whichever dates the most girls in a week, Amanda and Maria not counted, loser pays the winner m50. Azamat, instead of reporting them to the Interceptor, joins them, which makes it a three-man bet. Amanda and Maria tries to join the three guys, but they turn them down, saying that the game is not for girls. Amanda and Maria try to tell Mikhail on them, originally, with the help of Dzherik, however, after Dzherik heard about the bet, he immediately joins the bet. The two girls had many attempts of telling Mikhail on the guys, however, they remained unsuccessful. However, right after the bet is over, and Dzherik won, Mikhail caught the boys bringing out 50 margots as payment. As punishment, the four, including Dzherik, were told to stay in the headquarters until 2 AM.

Recurring Guest Star: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

16 16 Interception Contraception October 4, 1969 117 0.971
Mikhail walks in to the headquarters only to find a large pile of condoms on his desk. He immediately asked the whole of the team whose condoms are those, but no one replied to the affirmative. Mikhail tried to ask his promiscuous best friend from the Yobatav City Police District, Marko Tidzhomov, who, according to him, always does some business in the ACPD headquarters, as his office is located beside the RBI Arbatskaya. Tidzhomov said that he did do his business in the headquarters, but he denied using that much condoms. Mikhail is led to think that the RBI has already known about his "businesses" with Amanda and has returned all the condoms that they used, which, according to the evidence count by Yefrem and Konrad, is exactly 281 condoms, and might be coming over for an interrogation. As a result, Mikhail called Amanda for a rehearsal for the impending interrogation by the RBI. However, after three days, no RBI agent came by, which made Mikhail and the rest of the crew curious about who would send those many condoms to them. Finally, Tidzhomov walks by the headquarters to tell them that Lev Aldovich has been sending the condoms to the headquarters. To retaliate, the team made Aldovich think that the condoms were intercepted by the RBI, and sends him back all the condoms, with a note from the "RBI" telling him that the RBI is coming in a few days. Next thing they knew was that he once again fled Arbatskaya City to hide from the RBI.

Note: Lev Aldovich was not in the episode, though he was mentioned several times in the episode.

Recurring Guest Star: Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov (first appearance)

17 17 No Vacation Leave October 11, 1969 115 0.981
Lt. Shevchenko, the Army Lieutenant who became close friends with the Interceptors, was already expecting his first child with his wife, and asked his army commander in the Susana LXV subplatoon for a vacation leave of one to two weeks so he can be with the child's mother in her childbirth and post-childbirth period, however, he wasn't allowed by his commander to take the break. Based on how he said it, Shevchenko thought that his commander was kidding, so he took the break anyway. However, when he came back to the barracks, he learned that his commander was really serious about not letting him take the break, and that for doing so, he was kicked out of the Army, so he decided to work part-time in the Task Force Interceptors in the mean time, however, the team decided to get Shevchenko his position back in the Army. They tried several ways, however, none of them worked out. Until one day, Lev and his accomplices attacked the Susana LXV subplatoon barracks, and Shevchenko was the only one in the area who can rescue his mates, so he "borrowed" Mikhail's revolver from the headquarters and started firing on as many criminals as he can, until he rendered Lev helpless, and had the Task Force Interceptors arrest him. Because of his heroic action, Shevchenko was given his position back in the Army.

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko

18 18 Scaredy-Cops October 18, 1969 118 0.993
Since this is Yefrem's first Halloween with the Task Force Interceptors, he must now abide with the team's Halloween tradition: after hours, all crew members must stay in the headquarters and have the annual Interceptors Halloween feast, where they will feast on the scary version of their favorite all-time foods, watch a horror movie, and tell their own ghost stories. However, in the middle of the celebration, they were all called for a mission: a bank robbery was going on, and they had to stop the robbers before they take any money or hurt anyone in the bank. At first, the crew thought this mission is only going to take a few minutes, then they can get back to their feast, however, the robbers are tough negotiators, and to top it off, each of the Interceptors is already seeing supernatural creatures anywhere, or starting to see normal humans as ghosts, vampires, zombies, etc. Finally, Azamat, still hallucinating, saw the robber as a vampire-werewolf-zombie crossbreed, and hits him with a baseball bat he found outside the bank. The criminal was apprehended, the crew was rewarded nicely for working past hours on a holiday, and they continued their celebration inside the bank.
19 19 The Interceptor's Suitor November 8, 1969 119 1.001
The Interceptors are starting to get the attention of people by going on outrageous missions, one of those is a woman named Fyodora, who became a crazy fan of Mikhail and eventually became his desperate suitor. Mikhail, being totally creeped out by her, decided to pretend that he has a girlfriend. However, neither Maria nor Amanda are "good" enough to pretend to be his girlfriend, at least according to the boys, so the team decided to hold auditions for any woman willing to pretend to be Mikhail's girlfriend. However, none of the girls who auditioned seem to qualify for the job, until it was too late: Fyodora has already declared her and Mikhail boyfriend-girlfriend, and started taking him on "dates". In order for her to stop, Yefrem tried to lure Fyuodora into the headquarters to find Mikhail doing "business" with Amanda in his desk. The plan seemed to work, as Fyodora walked away afterwards.

Guest stars: Maya Queruva as Fyodora

20 20 Riggers November 15, 1969 121 1.012
A rigging bonanza has been reported in twelve high schools in Arbatskaya City, and its neighboring cities of Kirilov, Yobatav, Alkaya and Defanovsk during the campus elections for student council officers, and the reporter has presented three suspects to the Interceptors: Dzherik, who was seen carrying a suspicious device on his way to one of the said campuses; Lev, who was seen carrying some papers on his way to one of those campuses; and David, who was counting money upon leaving one of the campuses. However, the device that Dzherik was carrying was actually a coffeemaker that he borrowed from a friend of his who happened to be one of the volunteer facilitators in the elections, and was supposed to return it; the papers that Lev was carrying that time were blank ballot papers, as he was a volunteer facilitator and the room that he was handling has ran out of ballots so he went out to get some more papers; and the money that David was carrying was payment for his help as volunteer facilitator, leaving the Interceptors still clueless about who rigged the elections and why it had to happen in twelve neighboring campuses. However, they actually have one more suspect: a dog who came to a campus with a bone on his mouth, and not only in one of the schools was he seen; he was seen by witnesses in all twelve of the involved schools. And to top it off, the thing in his mouth wasn't a bone; it was a bundle of papers, ballot papers with votes written on it. The Interceptors then decided to capture the dog, but Mikhail, instead of killing the dog like what's in the rules of the Interceptors, decided to just adopt the dog and train him to officially become the Interceptors' "Alcohol, Drugs, Evil, Porn and Theft Sniffer" (ADEPTS)

Recurring Guest Stars: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich, Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, and Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv

21 21 Driver's Test November 29, 1969 122 1.016
During their daily morning chat sessions, Amanda admitted that she doesn't know how to drive a car, with the whole team surprised on how Amanda is 22 and still low on driving skills. Because of this, Yefrem and Konrad decided to refer Amanda to the city's driving expert, Karl Morinho, who is guaranteed to teach a learner how to drive in only 90 minutes. However, upon seeing Karl, Amanda suddenly felt her heart beating fast, and later on she fainted, a sure sign of her falling in love with the man instantly. Amanda was sure that she can make the lesson in 90 minutes, however, she wanted to intentionally make the training period longer, so she pretended to not get the lessons that he was teaching. However, after the session was finished, Amanda finally got Karl to ask her on a date. However, at the date, Karl breaks her heart by saying that he already has a fianceé, and they will get married soon, leaving a heartbroken Amanda, not to mention the fact that the next day was her driver's test, and because of her current "heart condition", she collided with a pink Cadillac and failed the test. However, Karl felt guilty for hurting Amanda's feelings, so he talked the proctor into giving Amanda a second chance for the test, and was given so. This time, Karl wished Amanda luck, inspiring her to finish and ace the test.

Special Guest Star: Robert Elemat as Driving Instructor Karl Morinho

22 22 River Surfers December 6, 1969 123 1.037
Almost everyday, part of the problems of authorities all over Margovya is the number of people who swim, scuba dive, or even surf in the Amazon River though prohibited by law. And in relation to this, the Interceptors have been called once again to evict as many "river surfers" as they can in the area. An estimated 2,000 people visit the Amazon Arbatskaya daily to do their beach fun. If the Interceptors can make them at most 500, they will receive a special vacation offer. At first, they can't seem to make the visitors leave the river, though they have warned them that the river is too dangerous to swim in, and they've tried as many strategies as they can, until finally, Lev walks in with some of his "allies", and Mikhail has just hatched an idea: he asked Lev to scare the visitors in the river so that they will leave the place. For a fee, Lev did what was told, and the river surfer population in Arbatskaya went down to zero, and the Interceptors got their vacation offer, trip for 6 to Sydney, Australia, where they can really feel the summer fun.

Recurring Guest Star: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich

23 23 Christmas Among Cops December 27, 1969 124 1.050
It's everyone's favorite season: Christmas! The team is already preparing for this time of the year by celebrating their annual Christmas Party. After hours, they will stay inside the headquarters and feast on their favorite foods, have some parlor games, and have their exchange of gifts. After drawing lots, the gift-giving was settled: Mikhail will be giving a gift to Amanda, Amanda to Konrad, Konrad to Yefrem, Yefrem to Maria, Maria to Azamat and Azamat to Mikhail. The Christmas Party will be on the next day, after hours, so each of them has more than 24 hours to pick a nice gift for their receivers. At first, everyone was having a hard time thinking of a nice gift to be given to their receivers, especially Yefrem, who wondered on how he is going to give a gift to the one person who almost made him kill himself a few months ago. However, after seeking advice from Konrad, his best friend, he told him that if he was having a hard time looking for a gift to give to his receiver, he should just think of a gift that best suits her personality. The party night came, and the crew seems to have something good for their receivers. The gift-giving began: Mikhail, who based his gift from Amanda's being Queen of the Bed, gave her a pack of condoms; Amanda, who learned that Konrad's side-mirrors were stolen, gave him a pair; Konrad, in the name of his friendship with Yefrem, gave Yefrem a BFF T-shirt; Yefrem, who took Konrad's advice, gave Maria a megaphone in a nod to her being the Mouth; Maria, who learned that Azamat has been saving to buy a new set of brass knuckles, gave him one; and Azamat, to thank Mikhail for guiding not only him, but the whole team, gave him a photo album of The Interceptors, which contained pictures of all their adventures together, with a huge vacant space for more to come. Meanwhile, Lev and David all have difficulty seeking for a business to rob, as almost all business are closed for the day, and Lt. Shevchenko comes to the headquarters and joins the team after his mates in the Army sabotage his pick in the gift-giving to make him pick his own name.

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv, Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko

24 24 Credit Limit January 3, 1970 120 1.071
Maria was surprised on how she has just spent over m1,500 with her credit card and she is already past her credit limit while the bank where she opened the account said that her credit limit was m50,000. She went to the bank where she opened her account and "talked" with the bank teller. After the conversation that scared almost all people in the bank, the teller finally configured the card to have a credit limit of m50,000. Meanwhile, Dzherik goes with Yefrem and Konrad to the bank to create a credit card account, however, the bank they were in was robbed, therefore they send a note to Mikhail telling him to come there and rescue them.

Absent: Simon Shevchenko as Azamat Kamchatsky, Susana Bulshitova as Amanda Nekazanka

Recurring Guest Star: Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich

25-26 25-26 Siege January 10, 1970 125-126 1.308
The Interceptors was called in once again for another mission that involves Lev Aldovich and became successful in capturing him. Even the whole crew is getting tired of doing the same job everyday, so they try to make something different out of their succeeding missions. However, before they can even think of something new, Lev has reportedly got out of custody, gathered hundreds of his accomplices and held the headquarters in hostage. If anyone tries to escape, he or she will be shot by one of the guards that await outside. Lev also had his guards take their food and water supply so that they won't survive being in the headquarters for long, and also jammed the signal so that they can't contact anyone, not even the media. Lev orders them to get out of the headquarters and surrender to them within 60 minutes, or else he will infiltrate the office and either kill or capture them. However, after 55 minutes, none of them has gone out and surrendered, until the phone in the office rang. It was surprisingly the only place in the area that has not been touched by the signal jammer. Mikhail quickly picks up the phone, it was Marko, Mikhail's friend from "Interception Contraception". He was waiting for them outside the back door of the headquarters, in an empty delivery truck. He tells them to get into the truck so that they can get out of there. However, the back door is full of guards "patiently" waiting for anyone to escape. The crew escape one by one, starting with Amanda. Being the Queen of the Bed, she can pretty much touch the body of any guard without them feeling anything. Successfully getting in the truck, she signals for Azamat to go. However, being big and all, Azamat can't go past the guards without making a sound, so he took a guard by stealth, took his gun, and threatened the nearby guards that he will shoot them one by one if they try to hit him. He kept this up until he got to the front seat of the truck, signaling Konrad to go next. Being the speed, Konrad made it to the truck in as fast as a blink of an eye, without a sound, as well. Once he is in the truck, he signals for Maria. Maria tries her way out, but she is scared of how big the guards are. She then asks that Yefrem make his escape with her. Being the Brain, Yefrem found a way to sneak out of the office and into the truck with Maria. Once the two are in the truck, Yefrem signals Mikhail, the last person to escape. Since he is the last one, and that there are only about thirty seconds until Lev's 60 minutes is up, Mikhail takes his gun, shoots all the guards in his way, and as soon as he is in the truck, Marko immediately sped up the truck, rendering it too late for Lev and his accomplices to infiltrate the headquarters.

At Marko's "private office" (his house), the crew plan on getting back at Lev. Just as they were about to finish devising the plan, Dzherik called, telling them that Lev and his accomplices are now at his hideout in Yobatav, and that they plan to escape out of Margovya after all that they done. As soon as the crew knew about the convoy that will pick Lev up, they decided to intercept the convoy and hold the place hostage. However, instead of giving Lev and his guards 60 minutes to surrender, Mikhail only waited for barely sixty seconds and initiated the siege. The Task Force Interceptors break the front door open and took out all the guards that come their way. After reaching the living room, Yefrem, Maria, Konrad, Azamat, Amanda, Dzherik, Marko and Mikhail decided to split up. Konrad and Yefrem searched the kitchen and dining room, Azamat and Dzherik go in the three rooms in the second floor, Maria and Amanda searched in the pool area, and Marko searched in the garage and all take out as many guards as possible, and all meet up at the living room (without Mikhail) afterwards, but they found no sign of Lev. Finally Mikhail was shown searching the rooftop and found Lev in there. After a bloody exchange of words, they began their one-on-one combat. As soon as the rest of the crew hear gunshots, they immediately rushed to the rooftop of the building, and they all found Lev and Mikhail on a standoff, with Lev's gun pointed at Mikhail. However, just as Lev was about to pull the trigger, Dzherik rushed in front of Mikhail and got hit with the bullet. After what happened, Lev immediately rushed out of the building to escape, but was caught by the RBI agents who were waiting outside.At the hospital where Dzherik was taken in, Mikhail thanks Dzherik for saving his life, and prays for his recovery. Dzherik survives his wounds, and after he was discharged from the hospital, he was called in to the headquarters. Dzherik finds a smiling Mikhail in the office, who tells him that because of his heroic action, he is finally hiring him as the new Technologist of the Task Force Interceptors, and his shift starts the next working day. Dzherik thanks Mikhail and walks out of the office and makes a triumphant jump, with the screen freezing on the said scene, and then fading into black, officially ending the first season.

Alternative Title: "Capture and Retaliation"

Recurring Guest Stars: Alakdan Rumanov as Lev Aldovich, Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov

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