The Great State of Argentina was a semi Fascist state in South America.. It was by group of Nazi fugitives and Argentinean military officers. It collasped in the mid 90's due to civic unrest.In the present day the great state is run by a far left semi democart goverment

History Edit

The Argentinian centeral goverment collasped in 1962 with the nuking of Buenos Aries. A Several high polations and managed to escape to La Palta. They set a milatry domainted Argentinain goverment there.. Civlivain rule was restored in 1970. the People's Revolutionary Army took over tucamna and several surdoing proivnec in 1972. Argentina was hit by a seris of famer protest and student protets in .In 1974 the republic of patagoina) and the democarictic republic of entoris were found.Shortly after words Jorge Rafael Videla over threw the govement under the excuess of restorng order. He set a single party semi fassict goverment called the Great State of Argentina. He gave several hight govermer possiton to nazia fugutives. Videla harshly cracked down on disient. In the 80's videla tired recongure tuclman and entre rico but wond up losing more teority. An ecomic downturn in the 90's lead to protests which evoled in roits which evoled in cival war. the rebels won the war with the help of Tulcamna entree patingaina uguaregyr atamca and Brazilian. A semi demcorat left goverment was set up after war It serves as a buffer between the marxist Tuclaman and the Tyroiskist Ent rios. The new chasing meamber of the old rgegime that have gone into hiding.

Economy Edit

The eccomny was in ruins after the cival war of the 90's The new government has tyried to rebuld the with limted success. the ecomny is on paper a mixed market but many people file that the government has too much infunces over it

Agriculture Edit

The area's principal agricultural activity are- cattle ranching, whaling, livestock (notably sheep throughout) agriculture (wheat and fruit production near the Andes towards the north).

Politics Edit

Multi paries have been legalized since the fall of Vidleal. However the rulling party has set things up so that their the legal oppisotn is thoothless. thier is a well orginized movment callign for marekt liberliation but the government has outlawed theam as fassicts

International relationships Edit

They were on term Pragauy and Chile during the Piochet reigime. They were on terraible terms with communist contiers like Entre Rois, Tuclamna Boliva and south Peru.

the new smei demcorty great state has good relations wth the Trotskyist entret rios and somewhat froster relatison wtih tulcaman.


Football is the national game.


A weekly national newspaper was issued after 1985. Buenos Aries had a weekly newspaper from 1972 and a daily paper from 1982.

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