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Tanya Kalinina
Timeline: History of Margovya

Tanya Kalinina
Kalinina in 2008

31st Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Margovya
6 October 2008 – 6 October 2011

Predecessor: Ivan Prokofiev
Successor: Maria Atolova
President: Gennady Elemat

Representative of Quintin del Pan
6 April 2007 – 7 December 2013

President: Gennady Elemat (2007-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013-present)

Birth: Tanya Nikitovna Kalinina
23 November 1982 (age 38)
QuintinDelPan Flag.jpg Alakdanovich, Quintin del Pan, Margovya
Spouse: Ivan Ivanovich Prokofiev (m. 2004-present)
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Singer, actress, former politician and football player

Tanya Nikitovna Kalinina (Margovyan: Tania Anicetia Calinia, Russian: Таня Никитовна Калинина, born 23 November 1982) is a Margovyan singer-actress and former politician. She is a former representative of the province of Quintin del Pan, and a former Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is also the vocalist and lead guitarist of the band Not So Socialist.

Kalinina officially became the 31st Minority Floor leader or Speaker of the House of Representatives of Margovya after winning the minority conclave on October 11, 2008 against Ikanua Representative Yuliya Koneva with a score of 174 against 21. Kalinina served for another term as House Speaker after winning the minority conclave on April 11, 2010 against Viktoriyovskaya Representative Katrina Vegova with a score of 194 against 0. One representative was absent, Arbatskaya representative Maria Atolova, who later became House Speaker.

Before she became an actress and politician, Kalinina played as a striker for Sta. Susana Femenina, the women's division of Sta. Susana F.C. In the one year that she played for the club, she won a Copa de las Mujeres Margovianas and a Primera Division Femenina title.

Early life[]

Tanya Kalinina was born in Alakdanovich, Quintin del Pan on November 23, 1982 to former Senator Nikita Kalinin (born 1955) and Kseniya Kalinina (born 1958). She has two siblings: older brother Dmitri (born 1978) and younger brother Ilya (b. 1985). Kalinina attended Quintin del Pan State University high school and college, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business on 2004.

Acting and singing career[]

Svolochy Showdown[]

Shortly after starting her first year in college, Kalinina entered Svolochy Showdown in its 1999 season, and sang versions of great hits like Valentine, My Heart Will Go On, Reflection and When You Believe. She became the twenty-first champion after singing her very own single "My Only Man". After then, Kalinina started recording her own songs and albums.

Acting career[]

Kalinina first got her acting break on 2001 in the movie A Big Ball of Justice: The Adventures of Yakov "Fat Man" Yazenev where she was assigned the role of the young Yelizaveta Tramuva, the real-life wife of MNP Director-General Yakov Yazenev, opposite Orental Gibitov. Since then, Kalinina participated in different award-winning films, including May 19 (2005), Three Queens (2009), and Flight 4892 (2012).

Not So Socialist[]

Kalinina performing "Things I Hate About You" with Not So Socialist in 2011

Kalinina was signed by Tidzhomov Music Records after fierce competition from other local record labels after she won Svolochy Showdown. There, she was introduced to fellow singers and future bandmates Maria Atolova and Gavrina Kumilyova by Denis Tidzhomov while the former two were working to form a band. The three of them eventually established the band Not So Socialist, so named after Kalinina was quoted as saying that "when people learn how I see the politics in this country, they'll find out that I'm not as socialist as my father."

Kalinina and the rest of the band members, including new addition Lev Arigov, were involved in a controversy during the release of a special edition of their album The Promiscuous Album in 2002. The special edition's cover featured the four band members standing naked behind the title letters. Critics believed that this was a reference to the album's title, and that the "sheer nakedness of three young ladies and a young man" would lead astray the youth of Margovya. All four members of Not So Socialist did not comment on the subject while the controversy was in full swing, but years after the controversy had died down, Kalinina finally revealed her side of the story in 2011 while promoting the band's latest album at the time, Product Misplacement. In it Kalinina claimed that there was no real nudity involved in the making of the special edition cover of The Promiscuous Album, all of them were wearing underwear which had been airbrushed in post-production to create the nude effect. So far none of her band members or the studio responsible for creating the special edition album had confirmed or denied Kalinina's story.

Kalinina has served as vocalist for a number of Not So Socialist songs, in following with their personal code of "let everyone sing lead vocals once in a while". Some of the songs she fronted for Not So Socialist include a rock version of her winning single from Svolochy Showdown, "My Only Man"; "Cat", "These Paper Covers", "Kissing Talking Lips", "Things I Hate About You", "Our Rules", and "Always Want You".

Political career[]

Personal life[]

Kalinina married TPB vocalist Ivan Prokofiev on 16 May 2004 at the Basilica de Sta. Susana in Ciudad del Celebridad.

On 3 July 2007, Kalinina confirmed that she was pregnant, and she announced on 7 September 2007 that she was expecting twins. On 8 January 2008, her twins Viktor and Roland (named after Prokofiev's bandmates in TPB) were born at Our Lady of Marginalia Hospital.

Kalinina gave birth to the couple's third child, Aleksandr, on 23 December 2011.

The couple had their fourth son Foma on 3 April 2016.



Year Title Role Notes
2001 A Big Ball of Justice: The Adventures of Yakov "Fat Man" Yazenev Young Yelizaveta Tramuva First motion picture project
Karageorgiyev: The Movie Feodora Karageorgiyeva
The Tower Wynona Mae Sandford
2004 One Plus One Equals Six Yelizaveta Fyodorova Nominated "Best Supporting Actress", 2004 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Memorial Film Awards
2005 May 19 Maria Linarova
2006 The Interceptors: Final Strike Karlota Pamukova
2007 I Am Nothing But a Girl Yelena Burova Nominated "Best Actress", 2007 Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
2008 I Heart Rock and Roll Raisa Markova Won "Best Supporting Actress", 2008 Leonid Pankavuranov Film Awards
2009 Three Queens Emilya "Mileya" Bansutina
In the Holy City Esther Livyatan
2010 The Fourth Interceptor Fourth Interceptor
We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Staff Sergeant Olga Queruva
2011 What Happened in Kherson? Denise Ray Maslennikova
The Winning Man Samara Ekranoplanova
The Four Interceptors Fourth Interceptor Won "Best Movie Actress's TV Comeback", 2011 Margovyan Television Awards
2012 Flight 4892 Yelizaveta Meskina
Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t Mileya Bansutina
The Interceptors: Revenge of the Fem-Cop Fourth Interceptor Won "I Thought You Were Dead" Award, 2012 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
The Interceptors: The Roaring Twenties Chelsea York TV movie
2013 Escape From Muluwheyo Thea Johnson
No Rush Maria Lubovenko
  • Nominated "Best Actress", 2013 Honorary Awards For Movies
  • Won "Best Movie Comeback", 2013 Margovyan Movie Awards
Twilight of the Interceptor Fourth Interceptor
2014 377 kph Mikhaela Kabutova
The Six Interceptors Fourth Interceptor
2015 Three Agents Mileya Bansutina
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Feodora Karageorgiyeva
2016 The Greatest Team There Never Was Herself
2017 The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War Pavlina Moskova
377 kph 4: The Last Ride Mikhaela Kabutova


Year(s) Title Role Notes
1998-2002 The Karageorgiyevs Feodora Karageorgiyeva Recurring role (Season 8)
Main role (Seasons 9-11)
1999; 2013-present Svolochy Showdown Herself Contestant (Season 21)

Host (along with Maria Atolova; Season 35-present)

2001-2004; 2017 Three Girls Emilya "Mileya" Bansutina Main role
2004-2006 Singer Siblings Celestina Adriana Lopez Recurring role (Seasons 4-5)
2005-2006; 2008 Clique Flick Konrada Barbitova Recurring role (Season 1)

Season 4, Episode 17 ("The Beauty Within")

2007-2009 The Siblings Parted Ways Celestina Adriana Lopez Recurring role (Seasons 1-3)
2008-2010 Down South Viktoriya Yuganova Main role
2009-2015 Top Gear Margovya Herself Presenter (Series 1-13)
2010-2012 The Interceptor Fourth Interceptor Main role (Seasons 5-6)
2013-2019 There's the Way, Where's the Will? Ruslana "Smiley" Koppelberg Main role
2014-2015 White Company Jenna Paulsen Main role
2016 Celebrity Big Brother Margovya 4 Herself Housemate
2017 The Interceptors (2008) Andzhela Moskova Supporting character (season 10)
2018 The Intruders Tanya Santibañez
2020 Celebrity Big Brother Margovya 6 Herself Housemate


Svolochy Showdown (1999)[]

Episode Theme Song choice Original artist Order Result
Audition Auditioner's Choice Good Thing It Wasn't My Ex Susana Bulshitova N/A Advanced
One Judge Judgment Contestant's Choice Come Back To Me Orental Gibitov 46 Advanced (8.92)
Contestants' Play Date Coach's Choice I Have Nothing Whitney Houston N/A Passed
Top 20 Personal Choice/
Bottom 2
To My Ex/
Susana Bulshitova/
Anton Kumlidov
Top 19 Personal Choice Came For You Irina Adzhitekova 14 Safe
Top 18 Personal Choice The Prayer Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli 16 Safe
Top 17 Any Foreign Song covered by Local Artist Narito Ako Regine Velasquez, covered by Conrada Cortesova 5 Safe
Top 16 Male Original Singer/s Talk To You Gregoriy Umalin 3 Safe
Top 15 Songs From the '50s Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 11 Safe
Top 14 Female Original Singer/s I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton 9 Safe
Top 13 Margovyan Razzie Songs Don't Stop Conrada Cortesova 4 Safe
Top 12 Any Foreign Song covered by Foreign Artist How Do I Live LeAnn Rimes, covered by Trisha Yearwood 7 Safe
Top 11 Duets When You Believe Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston 11 Safe
Top 10 Mariah Carey/
Bottom 2
I Still Believe/
One Sweet Day
Brenda K. Starr (covered by Mariah Carey)/
Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men
Top 9 Single from a past winner Joyride of Love Roland Tidzhomov 6 Safe
Top 8 Songs from Movies Rides to Paradise (from the 1998 film Ride Mates Irina Adzhitekova and Hafimwahlid Talnaev 1 Safe
Top 7 1990s Hits Valentine Jim Brickman and Martina McBride 4 Safe
Top 6 Band songs Swear It Again Westlife 5 Safe
Top 5 High-pitched song Through the Fire Chaka Khan 5 Safe
Any song between 1994 and 1998 Kaleidoscope World Francis Magalona 10
Top 4 Hafimwahlid Talnaev Marry The Both of You Hafimwahlid Talnaev 1 Safe
Admit One So Long Admit One 5
Top 3 Judge's Choice Guys in the House Gennady Elemat 3 Safe
Drawing Lots Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden 6
Personal Choice A Whole New World Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle 9
Final Showdown Song from Idolized Artist Reflection Christina Aguillera 1 Winner
Song From Favorite Movie My Heart Will Go On (from the 1997 film Titanic Celine Dion 3
Favorite Song Love Will Lead You Back Taylor Dayne 5
Song hated the most I'll Throw This Caritas At You Susana Bulshitova 7
Winner's Single My Only Man Tanya Kalinina 9

Solo albums[]

  • Tanya (2002)
  • Stand By Me (2006)
  • Confessions of a Communist Man's Daughter (2009)
  • Political & Pontifical (2011)
  • Twerk It (2014)
  • Homecoming (2017)

With Not So Socialist[]

  • The Debut (2001)
  • The Promiscuous Album (2002)
  • 2 (2003)
  • Falling Leaves (2005)
  • The Russian Album (EP) (2009)
  • Product Misplacement (2010)
  • Primer (EP) (2011)
  • The Burberrys (2012)
  • Futuro Tiempo (EP) (2013)
  • Prisoners of Presumption (2014)
  • Collaborators (EP) (2014)
  • Victoria Concordia Crescit (2017)