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Nuclear war losses-1962

Possible nuclear war losses.

This is a list of the many survivor nations that have occurred since 1962.

Note that some lucky places like the Yemen, Papua New Guinea, the CAR, Barbados and Australia got away with it all, while some places like Cuba and Korea are an uninhabitable and toxic wasteland.

Some other nations like Turkey, Spain, Gibraltar, Malta, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and Bulgaria got away with little if any major atomic attacks on Doomsday.

Sadly, Germany, Poland, Korea and Cuba were the focus of the nukeings and were crushed. The Cuban islands of Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Romano, Cayo Guajaba, Cayo Sabinal, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Paredón Grande, Cayo Cruz, Isla de la Juventud and South Korea's Jeju Island (제주특별자치도 / 濟州特別自治道) were devastated and only a few Medieval villages and cancer victims remain. 8,500 local Cubans and 10,000 local Koreans (plus ex-pats, tourists and overseas staff like ambassadorial staff).

The Republic Wizna, Goniądz, Burzyn and the River Biebrza (1962: The Apocalypse) is a wretched survivor nation of about 180,000 thousand people who barley clinging on to life in the ruins of north eastern Poland, which was all but destroyed in World War 3. Another minor naton had occered on the Polish-Slovakian border.

The Peoples' Republic of Upper Korea (1962: The Apocalypse) (the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture forms the core territory) is a approximate 200,000 strong territory in eastern Manchuria and is in the same post war dilemma as the The Republic Wizna, Goniądz, Burzyn and the River Biebrza. It is roughly 60% Korean, 29% Han Chinese, 9% Manchu, 1% Hui and 1% Mongol. Poogin Nodongjagu , Poogin Workers' District, Poogin Coal Mine were cleared of all people due to toxic fallout and extreme damage in the war, it became habitable in 2008.

The south Manchurian based The Peoples' Republic of Upper Korea (China’s long standing Korean ethnic minority) layed claimed to it in 1982 and it was explored by China in 1972 and the PRK in 1988. Legally the PRK own the former Korean land and China has let them take it over.

Before editing, please read the Afghanistan's overview page to fully understand the complex, baffling, bazaar, oddball and weirdo ethnic, political, cultural and religious situation in the country!

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