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Republic of Avignon City
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Avignon City and the surrounding Arrondissement of Avignon
[[Image:.|120px|Flag]] [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
TA 1962 of France, 2012
Location of Republic of Avignon City
Capital: Avignon City
Largest city: Avignon City
Other cities: Orange City
Language: Franco-Provençal dialect French, Piedmonties dialect Italian and Catalonian
Religion: Roman Catholic and irreligious
Ethnic groups:
  others: Italians and Catatonians
Type of government: Mercantile city state
  government: Sennet
President: Victoire Mimi DuBlanc
Head of the Merchant Council: Anton Luc DuBeck
Population: 125,545 
Independence: 1966
Currency: Barter with the Avignon Franc for external trade
Organizations: Europa-Alliance
% Literacy: 100%
Number of military personnel: 30 presidential guards armed with improvised blade weapons.



The targets for NATO missiles were at- See- NATO Targets in the USSR (1962: The Apocalypse).

After DoomsdayEdit

The nuclear winter lasted between October 1962 and March 1963. A nuclear summer then lasted between April 1963 and September 1964. A moderate equine flue epidemic, a minor dysentery out break and a minor human flu outbreak killed some people in the region. Some refugees, mostly from eastern Spain, Provençal France and northern Italy, arrived between 1963 and 1969.

First ContactEdit

With the Provençal France in 1966.



Present dayEdit


It is agrarian by nature largely dependent on agriculture, fishing, low level granite mining, horse breading, wine making and selling high end beef.


A 5 page, monthly news pamphlet has been in circulation since 2008. Posters are put up locally as and when necessary.


Both horses and sailing vessels are the main forms of transport in the republic.



Compulsory schooling is from ages 5 to 14.

Health careEdit

Thyroid and lung cancer is still a major problem, but became much lower since 1969.


Football and Pertonc\Boule are the national sports.

Water and food sourcesEdit

The Death PenaltyEdit

It has never had, used, condoned or wanted one. They regard capital punishment as evil.

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