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Books and newspapers are regulated by the Print Media Committee which is meant to filter out puerile, rude, boring and libelous articles in newspapers, magazines and books. The committe is the sworn enamey of the Italian and French Paparazzi press. It's chairman is Wendy Radnor.

It is answerable to the The Federal General Assembly, who also appoint it's chief chairman every 3 years. The current It's chairman is Wendy Radnor.

It's functions are not to be confused with those of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), which is meant to filter out puerile, rude, boring and libelous programming. It is not a censorship tool like the Federal Press Bureau either. Privacy and anti-public nudity laws have got have been strengthened steadily since 2011 and a newspaper journalist was fined £1,000 for falsely calming Dora Drängarna Pejačević was a sexual impotent in the summer of 2014.

Online and phone services are regulated by the Telecommincations Board, who's current chief executive is Dora Drängarna Pejačević.

The first Culture, media and sport minister was the Federal Labour MP for West Bromwich East, (OTL) Tom Watson. Arthur Ramsbottom his sucsesser as both a local Federal Labour MP and minister is Arthur Ramsbottom.

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