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Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Farah, Zabol, Helmand and Nimruz.
Flag of Pakhtunistan 88px-No coa.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Afghanistan nation DD62 location map.
Pashtunistan in medium red.
Capital: Lashkar Gah
Largest city: Lashkar Gah
Other cities: Landay, Titan (Saghar), Delack (Helmand) and Zaranj
Afghan and Tajik
  others: Standardised UK English, Uzbek, Persian and Arabic.
Religion: Islam
Ethnic group: Pashtun 96%, 1% Baluchi, 1% Nuristani, Hazara 1% and Wazeri 1%.
Type of government: Islamic state
  government: Parliament
President: Gen. Abullah Saddar
Prime Minster: Kamel Omar Hussani
Population: 2,549,685 (Feb 2011 est) 
Independence: 1967
Currency: Pashtun Dinar
% Literacy: 92%
Number of military personnel: 4,500

Pashtunistan is a stable country and Pashtun ethnic homeland in the former south Afghanistan .

Training Afghan soldiers in Kandahar -b

A 1997 anti-Taliban raid by Kabul forces in Kandahar.

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