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Comedy horror

Created by

Matvey Rasapinsky
Irina Rasapinskaya

Developed by

Rurik Pankavuranov

Produced by

Pankavuranov Pictures


Matvey Rasapinsky
Irina Rasapinskaya
Pavel Masharin
Yekaterina Gomzova
Arseniy Shilikin

Country of origin


No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Original run

March 29, 2017 — present

NiteLife is a Margovyan mockumentary comedy horror television series created by Matvey Rasapinsky and Irina Rasapinskaya that premiered March 29, 2017 on Make Me Laugh Margovya. Based on sketches from the sketch comedy show NiteClub, the series follows a pair of vampire siblings and a lycan couple as they try to live normal lives in modern day Margovya and stars Rasapinsky, Rasapinskaya, Pavel Masharin, Yekaterina Gomzova, and Arseniy Shilikin.


The series is set in alternate reality where supernatural creatures such as vampires and lycans exist and coexist openly alongside humans. It follows the lives of vampire siblings Brutus and Senovara, and lycan couple Aleksey and Vasilisa, who live in an apartment complex in Andufa, Bonjoaya under their long-suffering human landlord Konrad; and revolves around their attempts to live quiet and unremarkable lives.

Cast and characters[]


  • Matvey Rasapinsky as Brutus Syagrius, a vampire originally from Roman Britain. He is aggressive and hot-headed and will often use violence to deal with his problems. Even though he is physically three years younger than his sister, Brutus often claims superiority because he was turned into a vampire first and because he was the one who turned Senovara.
  • Irina Rasapinskaya as Senovara Syagria, Brutus' elder sister whom he turned into a vampire after saving her from a Saxon bandit camp. She is narcissistic and very manipulative, resorting to any means necessary to get what she wants. Senovara also claims seniority because not only is she three years older than Brutus, she is also their human father's biological daughter while Brutus is adopted, or so she says.
  • Pavel Masharin as Aleksey Rurikov, a direct descendant of Rurik of Kievan Rus', whose dynasty is revealed to be full of lycans. He is quiet and timid and only wishes to live an undisturbed and unremarkable life with his wife. Despite this, Aleksey is often pulled into the plots and conflicts of his vampiric neighbors, and in later seasons he starts to become a little bit more aggressive and manipulative thanks to the influence of the Syagrian siblings. On the other hand, Aleksey's calm and introspectiveness has also rubbed off on Brutus and Senovara respectively.
  • Yekaterina Gomzova as Vasilisa Rurikova, a greedy and covetous werewolf who married her husband because of his royal heritage only to belatedly realize that Aleksey is the Rurikid nobody cares about. As the daughter of a Byzantine emperor, Vasilisa always wants to continue living a life of luxury and splendor that she had when she was still human and thus will never hesitate to leave Aleksey once she sees a rich man. Nevertheless, she always seems to come back to her husband because of their "pure love", and Aleksey always accepts her back because he doesn't want to make a fuss.
  • Arseniy Shilikin as Konrad Petrenko, the middle-aged human landlord who owns the apartment where the Syagrii and the Rurikovs live. He has been dealing with his tenants since his teenage years and still sometimes serves as their familiar. Konrad often gets caught up in the problems and misadventures of his immortal tenants, and he constantly wonders how he managed to reach 60 years old despite this.


  • Raisa Koneva as Roberta, a newly turned vampire who is literally left behind at the doorstep of Brutus and Senovara. The siblings agree to take in Roberta and train her in her new powers, but as a newborn vampire has put both the Syagrii and the Rurikovs in all sorts of trouble.
  • Maksim Andreyev as Stewart, Aleksey's lycan son from another werewolf before Aleksey was married to Vasilisa. Despite being almost 800 years old, Stewart still acts like a rebellious teenager to both Aleksey and Vasilisa and leads his own wolfpack of like-minded lycans. Aleksey's efforts to keep Stewart out of trouble also often end up putting him and his wife, along with the Syagrii, in trouble too.
  • Mikhail Pankavuranov as Presninsky, a human private investigator who specializes in dealing with supernatural creatures.


  • Conrada Cortesova as The Pink Messenger (also known as the "Pink Demon"), a succubus who was formerly an incubus before the "Great Accident of 1756". She serves as an envoy of the Shadow Conclave.
  • Yegor del Quiev as Keanu, the lead vampire representative in the Shadow Conclave.
  • Dmitriya Shevchova as Dmitriya, the vampire spokesperson for the Conclave.
  • Yelizaveta Nemova as Dakota, a vampire member of the Conclave representing the Volturi.
  • Svyatoslav Shim as Ken, a vampire member of the Conclave representing the Zolturi. He and Dakota openly dislike each other because of their clans' rivalry.
  • Nikodim Vasilievich as David, the lead lycan representative in the Shadow Conclave.
  • Denis Kucherenko as Lee, the lycan spokesman of the Conclave.
  • Petya K. Silva as Michael, a lycan member of the Conclave who could not participate in person but only via video chat.
  • Yakov Smotrov as Taylor, a lycan member of the Conclave whom all of the other members refuse to take seriously because they believe he is actually a "were-llama", which he denies and thus he resents the rest of the Conclave because of this.
  • Gavrina Kumilyova as Gavrina, the representative of the Margovyan magical community in the Shadow Conclave