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Republic of Neo-Confederate Georgia.
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Georgia and the Gulf coast of west Florida.
[[Image:.|120px|Flag]] [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
DD62 USA in 2012
Location of Neo-Confederate Georgia.

"." (Southern US American English and Mid-Altaic American English.)

Anthem: "."
Capital: Augusta
Largest city: Macon
Other cities: Savannah, Charlotte, Augusta, Atlanta, Athens, Newnan and Clayton.
Southern US American English and Mid-Altaic American English.
  others: Southern dialect American English, African American Vernacular English, Gullah language, British English and Latin American Spanish
Religion: Protestant- 71% (Evangelicals 14%, Baptist- 12%, Methodist- 10%, Presbyterian 4%, Pentecostal- 3%), Catholic- 12%, Other- 3% and Non-religious 12%.
Ethnic groups:
68.2% White (3.0% Latino/Hispanic white).
  others: 28.1% Black/African American, 0.5% Native American, 1.2% East Asian, 0.2% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 1.5% mixed races.
Demonym: Georgian
Type of government: Federal Republic
  government: National Congress
President: Peter Collins
Vice President: John Mackenzie
Head of Government: Ian Rushmore
Area: (claimed) km²
Population: 6,759,285 (including 2,450,000 in Tampa Territory) 
Independence: 1964
Currency: Georgian $
Organizations: American Union
% Literacy: 93%
Number of military personnel: 4,500


Neo-Confederate Georgia is a semi-democratic American survivor nation based on the eastern seaboard.

The Neo-Confederate Georgia was founded on, on July 23rd, 1963 after the nuclear showdown between the Warsaw Pact and NATO ended. It consists of the western coastline of Florida and the US state of Georgia.


World War 3Edit

The attacks were patchy and missed a few major places, with some places badly hit or destroyed and others totally missed by the Soviet/Cuban attack. Several parts of the region were spared.

The Warsaw Pact targets were at:

WP Targets in USA (1962: The Apocalypse)


After Doomsday Edit

1965-1975 Edit

First contact Edit

This was with the South Florida, Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida, Jamaica, United Republic of Mississippi, United Republic of West Texas, United Republic of Oklahoma, United Republic of Tennessee, Republic of Haiti and the Confederation of Carolina and Virginia in 1976. Since then relations have been tense.

The founding of Tampa Territory Edit

The Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida, United Republic of Tennessee and the Confederation of Carolina and Virginia tried to invade Neo-Confederate Georgia during early and mid 1976 over race relations issues. Florida was subsequently divided between the FNRAGF, NCG and CCV. Tampa Territory was created in late 1976 and has a population of 2,450,000.

Race relations and civil rights Edit

1977-1989 Edit

1990-2005 Edit

Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida and Neo-Confederate Georgia was given much aid in the form of tents and wooden building materials in 1995 after a heavy hurricane season.

Present day Edit

In 2007, a Charles Town non-profit corporation, called the Friends of Happy Retreat, Inc. (FOHR), purchased an option to buy the former home of Charles Washington outright.

It joined the American Union in 2008. Several dozen miles away on the outskirts of Gainsville, the former suburbs have been slowly settled as outlaws on the run and scavengers who salvage materials and resources from ruins outside the city since 2008.

In February 2009 and 2011, long range radio signals from several parts of the former UK, Lower Saxony, Luxembourg and Ireland were picked up by LW/SW radios in Savannah and Atlanta.

In 2010, Discover Downtown Charles Town (DDCT) was founded with a mission to preserve, promote and enhance the physical, social, cultural and economic vitality of Charles Town’s historic downtown center with an unwavering commitment to its growth and sustainability.

A 36-year-old man had fallen down into a 20ft-deep (6m) sinkhole that swallowed up an entire room in his house in Hillsborough County, Tampa Territory during 2013. Sinkholes are common in several parts of the peninsular, Hillsborough County's fire chief said in a press briefing. Officials e postponed further rescue efforts or demolition until they determine how much of the ground under the house is compromised buy subsidence.

Political relations are steadily improving with New Mexico-Colorado, the Federation of Chesapeake, Colorado River RepublicKingdom of Michigan and  United Republic of Tennessee  

Former refugee campsEdit

  1. Clayton
  2. Morrisville
  3. Savannah
  4. Macon
  5. Charlotte
  6. Savannah
  7. Newnan
  8. Tampa
  9. Charles Town



The growing volunteer army is about ~4,500 strong. The military uses mostly material salvaged from various arms storage locations that survived the war. Small arms are now frequentlt produced. Some armourd vehicels and ships are being manufactured to a limited extent.


  1. 15x Chevrolet RD 4x2 Trucks


  1. Colt M911 (side arm)
  2. Thompson Sub-machine gun
  3. The MG 42 (shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42)
  4. The M60 (formally named United States Machine Gun, Caliber 7.62 mm, M60)
  5. The FN Model 1903 (M1903, Browning No.2, FN Mle 1903 or FN Ml 1903),
  6. Nagant M1895 Revolver
  7. The M116 75mm Pack Howitzer M1
  8. Canon de 75 modèle 1912 Schneider
  9. The 7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art (7.7 cm FK 96 n.A.)
  10. Ordnance QF 18 pounder
  11. Ordnance QF 25 pounder
  12. BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gun.
  13. Stokes mortar
  14. Enfield No. 2 Mk I Revolver
  15. The Rifle, Anti-Tank, 0.55in, Boys commonly known as the "Boys Anti-tank Rifle" (or incorrectly "Boyes", nicknamed the "elephant gun")
  16. Austen submachine gun
  17. Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk I (1903)

Navy Edit

It only has 3 minor war ships.

Air force Edit

The air force, police, coast guard, forestry servace and fire servace each have 2 Sikorsky H-19 helicopters each.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Georgia is a semi-democratic American survivor nation based on the eastern seaboard.

The 2012 Presidential poll-

The 2012 Congressional poll-

The 2012 Tampa Territorial council poll-

Party Number of Tampa Territorial Councillors held Popular vote
Democrat 3 7%
Republican 6 15.96%
Green 0 0%
Libertarian 0 1%
Constitution 0 0.02%
Justice and unity Party 0 0.02%
Afro-American Party 0 0%
Independent senators 4 8%
Anti-Corruption Party 0 0%
Tampa Territorial party 3767.85%
Anti-malaria action party 0 0.05%
The UK and France are rubbish party 0 0.05%
Gun control policy party 0 0.01%
Freinds of Ireland 0 0.02%
Democracy in action 0 0.02%


Leukaemia and lung cancer ceased to be a problem after 1998.


Compulsory schooling from the ages 5 to 17.


Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the recent, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethmoid hematoma. Some alcohol and petrol vehicles exist.


Most of the economy is weighted towards agricultural production though there is some industrial aspects to the economy in urban and coal mining districts. Trade with Carolina, New England, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Texas, Upstate New York, Canada, Ireland and Mississippi has been flourishing since 2010.




The artsEdit


  • Local FM and regional MW Radio
  • National, regional and local newspapers
  • Local TV

Death penitentlyEdit

Local imagery Edit


Basketball, American football, football (soccer), cycling, archery and baseball also are popular sports in Georgia.

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