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England DD62

The S.E.R. in 2012.

The Essex Regional Seat of Government in a re-used radar station at Kelvedon Hatch in Essex, it was badly damaged, but set up a local regime. Chelmsford, Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Southend and Rochford were also also taken by various dubious local political, police, civil service and/or military figures, who also set up their own command posts. Martial law and food rationing were quickly introduced to help save what ever remained!

War trauma, post-apocalyptic terror and post-traumatic stress syndrome lead the Cambridge War Room and Kelvendon Hatch R.S.G. commanders cracking up and slipping in to a state of clinical paranoia.

General Steve Paul Pye of Kelvendon Hatch held talks with the local W.I., B.U.F., L.O.E.L., police and N.F. officials about restoring order to Essex. This was finalised at the 'Great Chelmsford Meeting' of May 2nd, 1963. The remnants of Chelmsford RDC, Chelmsford MBC, Benfleet UDC, Whiham UDC, Braintree RDC, Essex CC, South Cambridge RDC, Maldon UDC, Maldon RDC, Sawbridgeworth UDC, Colchester MDC, Rayliegh UDC, Sheerness UDC, Canvey Island RDC, Burnhan-on-Crouch RDC and Southend-on Sea CB all attended the 'Great Chelmsford Meeting' of May 2nd, 1965, and added there voices to General Pye's madcap ideas on how to run the region. And so South Essex was created in a zone lying inside a line running just north of the towns of Epping, Harlow, Ongar, Chelmsford, Maldon and Burnham-on-Crouch. Sheerness, Sawbridgeworth and Colchester hated the region's undemocratic plans for the future.

General Pye became the leader of South Essex in 1962 and first Premier of the S.E.R. from 1965 to 1967, until he died of thyroid cancer.

His deputy and local W.I. chief, Hélène Kate Robinson, then took over until she died likewise in 1969. After that family and professional feuds would ruin everything! Most of the leaders would be females who were related to the then prominent figure of the southern Essex branches of the W.I. until Jane Bright came to office in the mid 1980's.

Since the election of John Tod Harbour in 2004 there has been a measure of stability and less corruption. Both Dr Paul Ian Hogan and Patrick David O'Brian have tried to improve on this. No the less racism, politically motivated violence, nepotism, national narcissism and homophobia are rife.

The listEdit

The list is of the plethora of bizaar, psychologically immature, sleezy, inapropriate,socialy abrupt, traumatised, emotionaly blunted, bewildering, insane, corrupt, chaotic, confused and most often assassinated,  senile, unfairly appointed, emotionaly insecure, incompitent, totalitarian, weirdo heads of state!

The S.E.R. heads of state.
Name. Year in office. Age on taking office. Age on Doomsday Gender. Job. Notes.
General Steve Paul Pye  1965-1967 52 49 Male Military Had post traumatic stress syndrome and paranoia. He died of thyroid cancer.
Hélène Kate Robinson 1967-1969 71* 67 Female Ex-teacher and local W.I. leader She had transcortical sensory aphasia, sundowners syndrome, paranoia and frontotemporal dementia. She died of thyroid cancer.
Julie Joanna Davis 1969-1971 25 17 Female Jobless Assassinated and had both paranoia and O.D.D.
Dr. John Luke Willis 1971-1973 60 51 Male Doctor Assassinated.
Sharon Bronwyn 'Bronnie' Daniels  1973-74 14* 3 Female School kid Assassinated and had both conduct disorder and O.D.D.
John Colin Berton 1974-76 28 16 Male Farmer Assassinated.
Lucy Kate Davis 1976-1977 12* -1 Female School kid Had A.D.H.D and O.D.D.  Assassinated.
Zoë Annë Daniels  1977-1978 24 9 Female Jobless Assassinated and had both conduct disorder, shopaholic syndrome and O.D.D.
Margaret Maude Mitcham   1978-1980 62 46 Female Ex-cafe owner ans local W.I. leader She had vascular dementia, paranoia, Binswanger's disease and sundowners syndrome. She was sent to a mental asylum. She was then assassinated.
Katie Annie Davis 1980-1981 9* -9 Female School kid Resigned due to heavy workload.
Robert 'Bobby' Ian Hall 30 days in 1981 10* -10 Male School kid Resigned due to heavy workload.
Tommy Hale 32 days in 1981 11* -10 Male School kid Resigned due to heavy workload.
Charlotte 'Charlie' Katia Mitcham   1981-1982 18 -1 Female Civil (road bridges) engineer Assassinated and had both conduct disorder, nymphamania and O.D.D.
Nikki Anne Harris 1982-1983 18 -2 Female Jobless Assassinated and had both delusions of grandeur, brontaphobia and paranoia.
Phoebe Harris 1983-1984 18 3 Female Farmer Assassinated and had both delusions of grandeur, scopaphobia and paranoia.
Jane Libby Bright 1984-1986 32 10 Female Furniture shop owner Retired after a major bout of suicidal depression and worsening anorexia nervousa.
Codie Charlene Lynne Bright**  1986-1992 16  -7 Female Veterinary First elected premier in 1988. She had O.D.D. and nyphamania.
Elizabeth Vera Ann Kennedy** 1992-1996 25 -5 Female Secatery Most popular leader ever!
Gemma Annette Willis** 1996-2000 17  -12 Female Veterinary None
Melanie Joanne Willis** 2000-2004 19 -15 Female Veterinary None
John Tod Harbour**  2004-2008 28 -11 Male Military None
Dr Paul Ian Hogan**  2008-2012 32 -12 Male Doctor None.
Patrick David O'Brian** 2012-2016 49 =0 Male Military None.
  • *= The public thought they were too young or old for the job.
  • **= Elected by the public.
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