This is a list of the notable characters who played a role in the Margovyan medical emergency-based comedy-drama series Paramedics. The series currently stars Pyotr Borodin, Andzhela Pamukova, Dmitriya Shevchova, Olga Grisenko, Yelena Porsenko, Ana Markova, and Irina Berezovskaya as the seven members of the paramedics division of Western Junction, a government-funded medical emergency services organization based in Greendrop City, New Marginalia. It also stars a wide range of recurring characters and former main characters.

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The Western Junction is a fictional government-funded medical emergency services organization based in Greendrop City, New Marginalia. The organization's director works directly below the Mayor of Greendrop City, but the funds used for medical supplies, ambulance and the salaries of the employees is taken from the local government of the New Marginalia province (i.e. the Office of the Governor).

Western Junction is divided into two: The agents (who attend to calls at the official Western Junction Hotline), and the paramedics (who actually respond to emergency calls as forwarded to them by the agents). The Western Junction Paramedics (or simply called the Paramedics), currently follows a hierarchical structure for exactly seven members, wherein each role is distributed to them according to their age.


The oldest of the group is always the leader of the Paramedics division. He or she works directly under the director, and gives out instructions to the group whenever there is an operation. Since the maximum age admissible to the organization without additional requirements is 26 (anyone age 27 to 34 is required to have five years experience (ten years for anyone age 35 above) as a paramedic, lifeguard, nurse, first-aid volunteer, or any premedical and paramedical job, and working for 3 years as a paramedic and 3 years as a nurse accounts for six years of experience), it is safely presumed that any new eligible and qualified member of the Paramedics who turned out to be older than the rest of the group will be able to lead a group of paramedics on his or her first year on the team.

Here is a list of members who became a leader of the Paramedics:

Name Played By Age Upon Assumption Served Age Upon Exit Previous Position
Anatoly Berchovsky Kiril Tramvitumov 30 1973-1975 31 None
Hassan Flamanov Simon Shevchenko 31 1975-1976 32 Assistant Leader
Aleksei Urbanov Pavel Orkov 30 1976-2006 60 Driver
Matvey Gorkov Martin Movchovsky 37 2006-2009 40 Driver
Aleksandr Gobchovsky Mark Vizinsky 40 2009-2012 43 Assistant Leader
Mikhail Boskovich Pyotr Borodin 41 2012-Present Current; age 48 None
Assistant Leader

As the title suggests, the assistant leader serves as assistant to the leader of the group, although his or her main job is to answer calls from the agents (who run the Western Junction Hotline), and then call the nearest hospital from the site of the accident (should the incident necessitate a trip to the hospital), so that the said hospital could accommodate the patient. In the rare event that the oldest group is new or is serving for only 1 year in the Paramedics, the person who had been working the longest gets to be assistant leader. If the person who had been a Paramedic the longest is already the leader of the group, then the second eldest member assumes assistant-leadership, regardless of experience as a Paramedic.

Here is a list of the members who, at one point in the series, became assistant leaders:

Name Played By Age Upon Assumption Served Age Upon Exit Previous Position Next Position
Hassan Flamanov Simon Shevchenko 29 1973-1975 31 None Leader
Vladislav Yorutov Borislav Fedenko 30 1975-1976 30 Driver None
Irina Revelovskaya Ana Shchpalova 30 1976-1978 31 FAT Member None
Lavrenty Ilgamov Ilya Orlovsky 30 1978-1985 36 Driver None
Maria Morfovskaya Vyacheslava Ravilovskaya 35 1985-1986 35 Driver None
Rostislava Gobrova Milena Quebadieva 32 1986-1988 34 Driver None
Yaroslav Andreyev Anastasiy Barfolomeyev 30 1988-1992 34 Driver None
Trofim Orentalov Kazimir Ulabrov 34 1992-1997 39 Driver None
Olga Farvanova Raisa Portorenko 37 1997-1998 37 Driver None
Andrey Golchovsky Dorofeo Martinov 34 1998-2003 39 Driver None
Jaime de los Santos Rostislav Abramov 37 1997-1998 40 Driver None
Aleksandr Gobchovsky Mark Vizinsky 37 2006-2009 40 FAT Member Leader
Innokentiy Maksimov Georgiy Dostalinsky 32 2009-2010 33 FAT Member None
Aleksei Ustinov Ustin Kubasov 27 2010-2011 28 Helper None
Yuliya Monotova Borislava Porsenko 34 2011-2012 35 Driver None
Markunda Lukoreva Irina Rasapinskaya 32 2012-2016 35 Driver None

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