Palestinian guerrillas in Ramallah during the Jordanian civil war.


The flag of Jordan

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The Middle East in 2012.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy in the Middle East. It is bordered by Greater Zion to to the west and north, Iraq to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south.


Jordan was founded as a british mandate in 1921 and was declared independent in 1946. In 1948 it went to war with Israel (Now Zion) and took control of almost half of land in the Palestine region. Jordan was not affected in 1962. In 1970-71 a civil war broke out between Palestinian Rebels and the Jordanian army. At first the rebels just wanted to take control of the West Bank but then they went to far and attempted to take control of the whole nation. The Army won. In 1999 King Abdullah the second was enthroned.

Al Qaeda in IraqEdit

The Syrian government has been fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq since the may of 2010.

The Republic of Alaniya, Syria, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Democratic Republic of Kurdistan, Republic of Central Iraq, Democratic Republic of Kurdistan and Republic of South Iraq  all have signed an alliance as of May 1st 2014 on uniting against the Al Qaeda in Iraq after Central Iraq narrowly won the week long battle of Nippur 3 days earlier.


Mansaf is the national dish of the Kingdom. Soccer is the national sport, and the national animal is the Arabian oryx.


Jordan is one of those "half rich half poor" kind of nations.Jordan makes a lot of money from tourism and potash but unlike other middle eastern nations, they are short of oil.


Islam is the state religion but however minorities are not discriminated. There are Druze who came in the nineteenth century and the Christians who are the oldest Christian commiunity in the world. There are iraqi Christians who fled during the civil war and the iraqi split. There are a small number of Baha'is.

  1. Muslims 88%
  2. Christians 10%
  3. Druze 2%
  4. Bahai 0.3%

Foreign relationsEdit

Jordan's most important ally is Central Iraq. Which they have had ties with since 1965 and a defense pact with them. They also have good relations with Zion and Kurdistan. Outside of the Middle East they have close ties with Sardinia, Ireland and the Isle of Man and The Republic of New England.

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