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This is the list of the current (as of April 2013) ministries of the government of Krakozhia.

Office Incumbent Portrait Since Party
President Ivan Prokofiev IvanProkofiev 2013 KDP
Vice President Roland Tidzhomov Tidzhomov 2013 KDP
President of the Congress of People's Deputies Zarya Yarinich ZaryaYarinich 2005 CPRK
State Minister Adm. Vasily Domovich Domovich 2005 CPRK
Defense Minister Marshal Oleg Dallutev Dallutev 2005 CPRK
Justice Minister Viktor Boevsky ViktorBoevsky 2013 KDP
General Machine Building Minister Salim Kruger SalimKruger 2013 KDP
Health Minister Boris Kirov BorisKirov 2005 KDP
Energy Minister Yuri Yurievsky YuriYurievsky 2005 KDP
Krav Affairs Minister Vladislav Deranka 2013 Independent
Internal Affairs Minister Vsevolod Pankavuranov 2013 Independent
Border Security Minister Ganor Eliranka 2000 CPRK
Transportation Minister Anna Dalchai 2009 PKSD
Agriculture Minister Yordana Puevskaya 2009 UOCK
Cultural Minister Balos Zulibanka 2013 KP
Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir Arigov VladimirArigov 2013 CPRK
Resources Minister Nana Togovich 2009 KDP
Veteran Affairs Minister Mikhail Leontiyev 2013 PKSD
Education Minister Roland Tidzhomov Tidzhomov 2009 KDP
Emergency Situations Minister Zheltan Lazarev 2009 UOCK
Venusian Affairs Minister Innokentiy Dybenko 2013 KDP
Industry Minister Bogdana Toskelanka 2009 KP
Trade Minister Gavril Fil'chenko 2009 UOCK
Labor Minister Yelizaveta Yaneeva 2013 KDP
Finance Minister Ruslan Yefimov 2013 KDP
Economy Minister Timofey Bedchin 2009 KDP
Tourism Minister Vasilisa Kuropatkina 2013 KDP
Environment Minister Ustin Dombrovsky 2013 KDP
Water Minister Svetlana Zova 2009 PKSD
Public Works Minister Fyodor Brobodkin 2014 UOCK
Sports Minister Abdul Zarbinev 2009 MKP
European Union Funds Minister Marko Zhavets 2009 KDP
Executive Secretary Viktor Boevsky ViktorBoevsky 2013 KDP
Chairman of the Committee for State Security Timofey Andropov 2000 CPRK
Chairman of the Federal Security Bureau Olga Pormoganka 2013 KDP

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