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Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Southern Georgia, Central Alabama and bordering parts of Florida and Alabama
Free Alabama (TA 1962) [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
DD62 USA in 2012
Location of Free Negro Republic

"Building a brighter future where Eagles Sleep" (Southern USA dialect English)

Anthem: "One race, one nation, one future!"
Capital: Montgomery (Alabama)
Largest city: Monticello (Florida)
Other cities: Greensboro, Eutaw, Tuscaloosa, Northport (Alabama), Albany, Georgia; Sylvester, Bluffton, Dawson, Bainbridge (Georgia) and Cuthbert
Southern USA dialect English
  others: Standardized American English, African American Vernacular English and Latin American dialect Spanish.
Religion: 40% Baptist, 35% Methodist, 10% Catholic and 12% other.
Ethnic groups:
62% African American
  others: 33% White American, 3% others and 2% Colourds
Demonym: Free Georgian/Free Floridian/Free Alabaman
Type of government: Constitutional Republic
  government: Congress
President: Steve John Karelia
Vice president: Lee Dennis LeBronk
Leader of the Congress: Stacie Annette Whitney
Population: 1,758,255 
Independence: 1964
Currency: Free Negro $ (officaly), Mississippi $ (informally), Carolina $ (informally) and barter in rural plces.
% Literacy: 82.5%
Number of military personnel: 1,365


The Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida is a democratic African American homeland based in southern Georgia, Central Alabama and Florida. It is a protectorate of Mississippi after it entered heavy infrastructure decline due to a bad economical decline from 1995 to 1997, after a series of bad tropical storms hit it during the hurricane season of 1993 and 1996. It has been rebuilt and is slated for a referendum on merger with either nation in 2017.


Banbury snow x1 (4)

Sylvester in the nuclear winter of 1962-1963.

World War 3Edit

The Warsaw Pact targets were at:

WP Targets in USA (1962: The Apocalypse)

After DoomsdayEdit

The weather collapsed between 1962 and 1965.


Mexican aid arrived in 1965-1967.

First contactEdit

A friendly first contact was made with Confederation of Carolina and Virginia and United Republic of Mississippi in early 1971.

Explores from Corpus Christie, West Texas , East Texas arrived in 1972. Free Negro traders successfully landed in South Florida during 1978.


The Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida, United Republic of Tennessee and the Confederation of Carolina and Virginia tried to invade Neo-Confederate Georgia during early and mid 1976 over race relations issues. Florida was subsequently divided between the FNRAGF, NCG and CCV.


Banbury snow x2 (9)

A long abandoned out-house in the town of Lakeview, in Tuscaloosa County, during the harsh winter of 2009-10.

Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida became a protectorate of the confederation as a Commonwealth territory in 1995 after a heavy hurricane and subsequent economic slump. It was also given much aid in the form of tents and wooden building materials in 1995 after a heavy hurricane by the Confederation of Carolina and Virginia at the time.

Present dateEdit

It has been rebuilt over the years and is slated for a referendum on formal merger in 2017. It has a population of about 1,758,255. 

Former refugee campsEdit

  1. Tallahassee
  2. Albany


Abandoned Somali tanks

A wrecked tank outside Eutaw, a few days after WW3.

A small self defense force.

Government and politicsEdit

The 2010 Free Negro Republic of Alabama-Georgia-Florida Congress elections-

Party Number of Free Georgia-Florida autonomous Congress seats held Popular vote
Democrat 2 10.52%
Republican 4 15.28%
Green 0 1.1%
Libertarian 2 9.52%
Constitution 0 1%
Justice and unity Party 0 1%
Afro-American Party 2 10.52%
Independent senators 4 14.29%
Anti-Corruption Party 312.05%
Free Georgia-Florida party 525.81%
Anti-malaria action party 0 0.19%
The UK and France are rubbish party 0 0.01%
Gun control policy party 0 0.01%
Freinds of Ireland 0 0.05%
Democracy in action 0 0.04%


It is largely agricultural by nature.


  • Local FM and regional MW Radio
  • National, regional and local newspapers
  • Local TV


Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the recent, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethmoid hematoma and sub-cutaneous anthrax. The country also has some steam ships and steam trains. Sailing ships and a few alcohol driven motor boats use the Chattahoochee River where navigable to reach the sea at Mobile.

Health careEdit

Thyroid cancer was no longer a major issue after 1988.




AUPC - Annex

Members of Montgommery.'s local, hockey team repair to play against Bluffton's local team in a regional contest.

Basketball, American football, hockey, cycling and baseball also are popular sports in Carolina.


There are many major elementary schools and several major high schools and a national collage. Most re-opened between 1997 and 2007.

Bluffton high school reoped in 2011. It was re-equped with 8 laptop-computers from Brazil and a portible generator from Colombia in 2012.

The Cuthbert National Collage opened in 2011 and was largley made with Brazilian, Mexican and Austrian equipment and resorces.

The artsEdit

The Death PenaltyEdit


Local imagesEdit

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