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Federation of Amazonas, Rondônia and Acre
Federação do Amazonas, Rondônia e Acre
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Most of OTL Amazonas, Rondônia and Acre provinces
TA 62 Brazil in 2012
Amazonia is in yellow

Cheire até as sementes de papoila, rapazes! (Brazilian dialect Portuguese)
("Sniff up those poppy seeds, lads!")

Anthem: "Our coke is the white stuff!"
Capital: Porto Velho
Largest city: Ji-Paraná
Other cities: Rio Branco, Tabatinga, Ariquemes, Cacoal, Vilhena, Jaru and Rolim de Moura
Brazilian dialect Portuguese
  others: Lisbon dialect Portuguese and some Amazonian Indian languages
55% Atheist
  others: 35% Roman Catholic and a 10% traditional Amazonian Indian beliefs
Ethnic groups:
Clourd Brazilianss and White Brazilians
  others: Mestiço, black Brazilians and Native Amazon Indians
Demonym: Amazonian ('Druglander' is a Colorado Republic slang tern for Amazonians)
Type of government: Narcostate
President: Alfonso Lorenzo
Deputy President: Thereza Sanches
Population: 5,725,000. 
Independence: 1963.
Currency: Amazon Lira, gold dust and drugs
Organizations: None
% Literacy: 87%
Number of military personnel: 7,250

States Edit

The Federation of Amazonas, Rondônia and Acre is a drug-lords', illegal loggers' and illegal golddiggers' rebel state in the former Brazil. The rest of Brazil is still unified and Belo Horizonte was crushed by Brazil in 1968.

World War 3Edit

After Doomsday Edit

It was never targeted in the war.


A corrupt Local bureaucrat, Isobel Domenica Cortez, staged a coup in Ji-Paraná city on May the 2nd 1964 and sided with the local illegal miners and loggers in Porto Velho.

1st Native American rebellionEdit

The Jururei tribe was subjected to mass killings between 1964 and 1967 at the hands of the illegal gold miners, illegal loggers and drug lords, leading to a rebellion by them. Days later the KanoêAkuntsuMatis, the Matses, the  Kulina, the Mayoruna, Yvyraparaquara, Uru Pa, Parakua, Amondaua, Uru Pa In, Juma and Jupaú tribes all joined in the 6 month rebellion. Spears, bows, arrows and toxic darts were no match for the remain guns and 10% of the rebels died in the revolt.

First contactEdit

Druggy timesEdit

Faith declinesEdit

The Roman Catholic faith fell by about ~45%-50% in the early 1990's due the people believing god had forsaken them. No such fall had occurred in the native Animist faiths.

2nd Native American rebellionEdit

The Jururei tribe was subjected to more mass killings in 2003 and 2005. They revealed with Matis, the Matses, the Kulina and the Mayoruna tribes joining

Life todayEdit

The Quebec Jesuit Louie Anton Le Moyne was killed by a Acre drug-lord's death squad after he tried to exposes the use of child labour and enslaved natives in mid 2008.

Armed ForcesEdit

7,250 lightly armed volunteer troops.


Road transport

Due to the absence of gasoline the people rely on using a horse and cart. Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the recent, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethmoid hematoma.


There are 2 minor single steam railways.

River transport

Air transport

The is none in the nation. Porto Velho International Airport is disused, but partly maintained for the occasional visitor.


Crude strip mining for gold, logging, furniture, drugs and primitive agriculture.


Schooling from ages 6 to 15 is compulsory.


Amazon Manaus forest

Amazon basin forest on the eastern border.


A criminalised presidential republic run by illegal gold miners, illegal loggers and drug lords.


Cancers such as thyroid were an issue the first few years after Doomsday.

International relationsEdit


  • Football
  • Baseball

Crime and PunishmentEdit

Officially the death penalty for murder, enemy spies, treason, food/water hoarding, child abuse and sex crimes. It is basically used for the removal anyone who stepped out of line with the state as well as crooks.

The Quebec Jesuit Louie Anton Le Moyne was killed by a Acre drug-lord's death squad after he tried to exposes the use of child labour and enslaved natives in mid 2008.

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