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Federal Republic of Greater Herefordshire and Worcestershire
The Federal Republic of Greater Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

OTL equivalent: The Metropolitan Boroughs of Sandwell and Dudley, Pleck, Shifnal, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, the S.W. Birmingham Metropolitan Borough, Dymock, Tewkesbury, parts of Powys, S. Shropshire, the S.W. part of the former Seisdon Rural District in the English West Midlands, the north of Glamorganshire, Breconshire and parts of Gwent
MERCIAS flag Mercia eagle
Flag Coat of arms

For Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wales and freedom!/A Ddioddefws A Orfu (English/Welsh)
("He Who suffered, conquered")

Anthem: "The Anthem of the Federal Republic"
Capital: Worcester
Largest city: Dudley
Other cities: West Bromwich, Redditch, Hereford, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Halesowen, Bromsgrove, Pontypool, the Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr conurbation, Aberdare, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd, Malvern Spa Town, and Wednesbury
English, Welsh
  others: Punjabi
Church of England, Secular humanism
  others: Sikhism, Islam
Ethnic groups:
English, Welsh
  others: Punjabs, Sikhs
Demonym: Mercian
Type of government: Semi-presidential nationalist republic
President: Pieter Richard Smith
Vice President: Steven Arnold Wright
Population: est. 2, 996,950 (2010) 
Established: 1 August 1995
Independence: from the United Kingdom
  declared: 1 August 1995
  recognized: 1 August 1995
Currency: Mercian pound
Time zone: UTC
Internet TLD: .hw
Organizations: United Nations

The Federal Republic of Greater Herefordshire and Worcestershire is a nation that declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1995. The Federal Republic is a close friend of Krakozhia. Krakozhia, Albania, the Netherlands, and Croatia were the first nations to recognize the Federal Republic, and they are all close allies.

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