Disclaimer: Apparently real life events are also part fictitious in content, and are used only for "adding a sense of reality" and akin purposes. Please don't take them too seriously.
This is a list of targets, events and/or nations! They are chosen for reasons of Cold War geo-political, military and infrastructural development, plus a bit of good ATL story telling. It is not intended to be biased or one sided!

It is alternate history with based on a Cuban Missile Crisis gone 'hot' situation. This timeline is not, I repeat not a fantasy or sci fi timeline. Since it is meant to be factually possible it thus has no magic, aliens, borg or ninja turtles or alike whatsoever, but can be on the optimistic side of post war life (not so many war deaths, quicker rebuilding after the 1962-1972 dark-age, and alike).

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Nuclear war losses-1962

Possible nucliar war losses.

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Derelict Factory by The River Soar - - 176434

Slough, England, in 1990.

This is the technical Page for 1962: Doomsday, a timeline based on the OTL Cuban Missile Crisis (along with the ATL Korea and Germany) going horribly astray and resulting in a global nuclear confrontation, wiping out the world as we know it!

European combat theory

West German Bundeswehr 1960 (1)

W. German troops moving towards the Fluda Gap in centeral Germany.

By what I have herd in the media a read on the Wikipedia about WW3 in Europe is-

  1. That that the principle invasion point is the Fluda gap and W. Berlin is ready for the taking.
  2. 2 Spetnaz would wreck W. Germany and the missile silows in southern Italy.
  3. Korea would probably flair up and Cuba would be the USA's top target. Iraq’s, Persia’s and Kuwait’s oil wealth would be a Soviet target.
  4. The USSR wanted to wipe out the USA and W. Germany. The UK, France, the Netherlands and Denmark would be offered the chance to surrender after a heavy conventional attack.
  5. Chem’s may have been used in the UK, France and Denmark. Germany would be chem’ed.
  6. The USA wanted to wipe out the USSR, E. Germany, N. Korea and Cuba. They wanted to get Romania and Yugoslavia on thire side.
  7. Poland and E. Germany would be devistated by NATO.
  8. Hungary and Austria were likley to clash. The south western of Chechoskovakia and northern Italy would get drawn it to it to.
  9. Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey would clash over the NATO/WP ownership of the Dardinels.

Combatant nations


  1. United States
  2. Turkey
  3. France
  4. United Kingdom
  5. West Germany
  6. Italy
  7. S. Korea
  8. Canada
  9. Bahamas
  10. Barbados
  11. Dominican Republic
  12. Thailand
  13. Jamaica
  14. Panama
  15. Australia
  16. New Zealand
  17. Guatemala
  18. S. Vietnam
  19. Netherlands
  20. Belgium
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Philippines
  23. Israel
  24. Taiwan
  25. Morocco

Italic text= Has nuclear weapons, or is occupied by a army with nuclear weapons.

Warsaw Pact

  1. Soviet Union
  2. Czechoslovakia
  3. German Democratic Republic
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Poland
  6. Hungary
  7. China*
  8. Cuba
  9. Syria
  10. Egypt
  11. Mongolia
  12. N. Korea
  13. Romania
  14. N. Vietnam
  15. Iraq

Italic text= Has nuclear weapons, or is occupied by a army with nuclear weapons. *China was developing a A-bomb since 1959, which was (OTL) detonated in 1964.

Radioactive bomb sites

The date at which which nuclear bombing site could be no longer considered toxic and off-limits.

  1. Under 10 kt- 1964
  2. 11kt-100Kt- 1965
  3. 100kt-200kt- 2010
  4. 201kt-300kt- 2050
  5. 301kt-500kt- 2100
  6. 501kt-1mt- 2120.
  7. Over 1mt Never!

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