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Дураг Кирилович Никовгородиев
Durag Kirilovich Nikovgorodiev
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

Durag Nikovgorodiev in 2002

5th Vice President of the Republic of Krakozhia
1 February 2000 – 25 January 2004

Predecessor: Vladimir Repin
Successor: Kazimir Lermonov
President: Anatoly Baychenko
Birth: December 12, 1955
Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg People's Republic of Bulgaria
Death: 25 January 2004 (aged 48)
Abanhfleft 556905 Pretoska, Republic of Krakozhia
Spouse: Svetlana Fyodorovna Nikovgorodieva
Political party: Communist Party of the Republic of Krakozhia
Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox
Profession: Politician

Durag Kirilovich Nikovgorodiev (Russian: Дураг Кирилович Никовгородиев) was a Krakozhian politician. He was the fifth vice president of the Republic of Krakozhia before he was assassinated by Mikhail Amazenkov, later the president of the Krakozhian Democratic Republic.

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