Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Harrisburg from 1962 to 1978 Happy Valley (State Collage)from 1978 to present

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AllenTown Eire Readings Lancaster Rochester Uttica Elimaria Binghampton Ithaca Corning Altona Niagara falls James Town Seneca Falls Meade Ville Corey Warren York

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Our Glorious Commonwealth

DD62 USA in 2012

The former USA in 2012.


Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaEdit

Stats  Edit

The Common Wealth of  Pennsylvania is A Harrisburg based  survivor state. It declared independence from the United Sates in  1965. In the 1989 Pennsylvania  went to war with a confederation of Mafia dominated city states called the Niagara Coalition . In 1993 Pennsylvania defeated and annexed the Niagara Coalition



It was not as bad as in some other states, so the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was in a bit better position than some of it's rivals.

  1. Plattsburgh Air Force Base (PAFB)- A 250kt ICBM missed and blew up in Onondaga Lake.
  2. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-1 x 15kt (did not go off)
  3. Pittsburgh-1 x 15kt (did not go off)
  4. Philadelphia- 1x 15kt and 1x 50kt (The latter did not go off)
  5. Pittsburgh IAP Air Reserve Station- 1x 15kt
  6. Philadelphia Naval Shipyard-1x 20kt


In the aftermath of doomsday a lot of people were left in shock. David Lawrence ,the  Governor of Pennsylvania was so shocked by doomsday that, he  had a heart attack and died. Lt Governor John Davis  declared  himself dictator of the Harrisburg area but promised to  restore democracy by  the end of 1973.The  rest of Pennsylvania was ruled by regional governments, many of which swore loyalty to Harrisburg and promised to reunite with it as soon as it was feasible.    

 The Reign of  John DavisEdit

Most of the Harrisburg Area's citizens reluctantly accepted Davis declaration of martial as  necessary for survival. A few people were afiarid that Davis would be a tyrant and would neaver give up his absolute power. However, Davis turn out to be a firm but fair leader. Davis's promise of  restoring democracy came true in 1968. Davis surpised many people by  not accepting the Democartic party's candidacy for the office president. Instead the Democarts candidate was James Quigley.  Quigley ended up losing to republican Herman Schneebel. The republicans also won most of the seats in the senate during the election of 68 .However, the Democrats did win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives.

The Schneebel AdministrationEdit

When Schneebel first became president  of Pennsylvania he was techainlly only president of part of southern Pennsylvania.In 1971 the regional governments based in Allentown and Altoona were reintegrated with Harrisburg. In 1973 The regional  governments based in Williams Port and  Scranton agreed to join the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania if  the captail was moved to a more centralized location.  In 1978 the goverment or Pensyvania  fhinshed moving to HappyValley (formerly State College). At the end of Schneebel's second term their the Eire based  Appalachian republic was the only part of Pennsylvania not to reunite with the rest of the Commonwealth. The Schneebel was marked by peace and trade deals with  New England  , Carolina and the various Ohio rump States

Bill Goodling's Term.Edit

Schneebel was susceed by Bill Goodling as President of Pensyvania.  Goodling  was unable  to win an second term. because  a reporter at the Centre Daily Times wrote a story revealing that the president embezzled money from the state Treasury. Apart  from the embezzlement scandal the Goodling administration is best know for its' scussefull education policy

Presdient CraleyEdit

Due to the embezzlement scandel bill Goodling Nathaniel Craley. Presdient crawely is well for succesfull hiighway repair project  and rural electrication porjects.He also signed a trade with ohio in 1982. Pensyvania realtions with the increassly  gangster dominated Niagara Coalition started deteriorating, during the Craley adminastation

The McDade YearsEdit

Joseph M McDade won the eceltion of 1989. McDade was know for being pro gun and anit aborabtion.  Shortly afte taking his the  mafia controled Nigira collation indaved the Appalcian repulic and the city states of Elmaira and Binghampton. After a few months of debt in congress Pensyvania declared  war on Niragara.Pensyvania was added in the war by Canada and Upstate Newyork In  May 1990 Nigagra captured Eire. In 1993 the Nigra Colalation was deafed by Pesyvaina and it's allies. After the end of the war the badly damaged  Appallaican republic and the City states of Elmaira and Binghampton decided to join Pesyvania. Most of nirgara New York terriorty was given to Pensyvaina withe expection of   Syracuse which was given to  Upstate Newyork. Niagara's Ontiroa territory was given back to Canada

Persidencey of  Mark Singel

The eceltion of 1996 was won by Mark Singel. The  Singel adimanstion was fairly uneventaful.The bigest events of Singel's term werre teriosit attacks caused by the mobesters who ust to run the  Niagra Collation. The pro choice Singel was known for butting head with pro life republicans  

the term of Bob Cascey jrEdit

The next president of pensyvania. President cassey had trouble getting a long with congress. He is also repsoable for a failed healthcare rerform program. His bigest failuire was his inpet handling of incressly voilent  terrist attacks and rissing crime rates. 


Due to the increasling unstable national security situcation TomMarino deafted Bob Cassey by running on a tough crime an terrorism platform. during the Marino administration  great strides made in increasing national scerutiy. Hower this security was achived at the cost of freedom of  speach and overly intense crack downs on suppected teroist. these tactis  were unpopular with many poeple including meamber of Marino's onw party. In may 2013 a whistle blower in mainro's staff leaked information to the media revelaing that mairno was secretly stage a fake terrorist attack to  gain more support for  anti terrorism policies. Marino and VP were and the speaker of  house Charels Dent became president. The  president  Dent sofen the harsh policies of the Marino adminastion.President is also a suporter of Transforning the the East American allince into a federall republic all the Fedeation of Eastern American.  .

First contactEdit

It was made with explores from New England in 1967.

Explores from Forgottonia and United Republic of Kansas  rived in 1968

It was soon then made with explores from Carolina and the West Texas in 1969.

During the 1970’s the governments of the various Ohio remnant states sent out explorers and traders into the former states of Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Emissaries from the Socialist Republic of the North Star and East Texas arrived in 1980 and a Pennsylvanian explorer opened friendly relations with the Spokane Republic and Corpus Christie in 1981.


Trade between Ohio, New England, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, Canada , Ireland ,Venezuela,Brazil,and Carolina has been flourishing since 2010.


Pennsylvania used to be one of the main centers of steel production in the US.  The industry took a hit on doomsday when Pittsburg was nuked. Still Pennsylvania does manufacture a good amount of steel. The largest firm is Bethlehem steelCoalition Steel  the former national steel corporation of the Nigeria coalition is also  a major steel company is Pennsylvania . Other firms include Jersey Shore steel, Lukens Steel Company and Lehigh Structural Steel Company.


Pensyvania has a small automotive industry. It largest automotive company is Company is the Commonwealth auto corporation . Commonwealth's produces eccomny cars under the bell name and the Xanadu luxury car line Commonweal


In  1981 Sylvania Electronic  Products started producing cameras.. Kodak survived the apocalypse but they were taken over by the Rochester mob in  the 70’s. After, Pennsylvania conquered the Nigeria Coalition in 1992, they started a program confiscating mob business asset like Kodak. Kodak is a lot smaller then it use to be. A few start camera companies formed in  the mid 80’s One of these companies, Neo-Image invented an instant camera in 2000. Neo image also make normal cameras, disposable cameras and stereographic cameras Ansco of Binghampton is also a major camera company


Pensyvaina’s largest food company is the Hershey Foods Corporation[.Before   doomsday Hershey Foods Corporation was America largest chocolate company. After doomsday do to a ceaseation  of cocoa imports Hershey had to move into processing non chocolate food. Hershey started making chocolate again after Penysavaina started trade with Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil in the mid 90’s. today Hershey candy division is the second largest chocolate maker after the Wilbur chocolate company.

Hershey’s biggest rival In te United Food corporation. It was formed out of a merger of Snyder ,Boyer candies, Atreat beaverages and several smaller food processors


Pensyvania has small firearm industry. The industry began in the late 70's when machine shops started manufating curd guns and ammunation. The pensyvaninia fire arme industry got a boost when the city of Ithaca the home of the Ithaca gun company joined the commonwealth. Today the Ithaca Gun comany is the largest gun comapny in Pensyvania.  .


Pensyvania has several  amusment parks including BoyerTown Hessaey Park,Connetlake Park d Seabreeze park and Eldridge park. the ponces moutains are home to great hiking, ski runs camgrounds and the only  cassino in pensyvaia 


The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has one the largest electronics industry in the former US. The nations largest firm is Sylvania Electric Product. Sylvania biggest compactor is Philco.  WestingHouse also survived Doomsday, but it moved it headquarters to Mansfield Ohio in 1986  The Nigeria electronics company was a company that the Nigeria  Mob used to control local electronics. The factories that used to belong to Philco, Sylvania Electric product and General Eleatic were given back to their old owners. The remaining  plants  were bought out by a small  startup firm called  Ace Electronics. Ace also bought an old RCA Plant in Lancaster


Pennsylvania has a healthy textile industry.  The major  textile centersof Pennsylvania are are Allentown Utica, Rochester, and Eire. 


Pennsylvania has a modest toy industry. The 3 main companies are  Hubley Manufacturing Company, All Joy Products, and Rainbow Toys. Rainbow Toys is the successor to the Crayola company. In 2001, All Joy Products teamed up with Neo Image to make the Peekaboo stereograph toy.


Their are 4 major shoe companies in Pennsylvania.  They are Golo Footwear of Dummore, Lake Side shoes of Eire, Eby Shoe Corporation,of Ephrata and  the Endicott Johnson Corporation of Binghampton. Pensyvania is also home to many small  cobbler shops.


Eire Pennsylvania is the  second largest center of plastics manufacturing in the former  US after Akron Ohio. Servearal Akron plastic have invested heavily in Eire


Pennsylvania has a modest energy sector. the city of Scranton is the center of it's coal mining industry. Northwestern Pennsylvania  is home to some oil wells. Northwest Pennsylvania doesn't produce as much oil as it did in the 19th century but the remaining reverses are a still great boon   to the commonwealth. Pennsylvania started importing Oil from Venezuela in the mid 90's    


Pennsylvania's has  farm and mining machine  industry dominated by  Joy machine corporation and the New Holland Machine Company. 

There is a furniture industry based in york county

It brewing industry is dominated  by  yuengling,Lion, Straub Brewer, the ReadingNeuweiler brewing company  and Niagara  breweries



Pensyvania has a large army. they also have a decent fleet of tanks and ammor cars


Pensyvania has a small navy of 2 battelships and 3 support veshiles


Pensylvania has 8 cargo planes ,    19  attack planes, 17 fighter planes  11 bombers planes  and 37 helicopters. Ohio’s air fleet is a mix of old per doomsday aircraft and planes built by Wright Aerospace 


Pensyvania is  a fully  functioning democracy. The president has  unlimited terms but he can not spend more then 2 in a row. The commonwealth congress is domanited by the the Republicans and the democrats. Other include parties with sets in the commonwealth congress are the 7 Freedom Party(the freedom is a libertarian like political party) and  the 5 seat Nature Party.The New Union Party was once an upcoming political party. Their platform centered on rebuilding the United States. At its peak the New Union Party had 12 seats in the Commonwealth Congress. The New Union Party was sharply criticized by several prominent Carolinian politicians. In 2007 the leader of the New Union Party went on an intense anti Carolinian rant. He called them a bunch of stuck up racist neo confederates who are too proud to acknowledge all the benefits they received from the former United States. This rant seriously damaged Pennsylvania Carolina relations. Many members of the New Union Party have since jumped ship to the Republican Party.  Others have joined the Democrats. Currently, the New Union Party has only 3 seats in the Commonwealth Congress.       

International RelationEdit

Pennsylvanian has very close  relations the Federation of Indiana and Illinois, Ohio, New England, Canada, Up State New York and Chesapeake. They formed the East American Alliance in  2002. They are also on good terms with Michigan, Carolina, Mississippi, Venezuela, Ireland  and  Brazil.


The  #1 sport in Pensylvania is Baseball



Penslyvania was home  to the Penslyvania turnpike the  worlds first acess controled highway.The  turnpike and the rest of Pensyvania highway underwent a mass repair project in 1982. Highsways are  not popular mode of transporation as railways but th use  roads is increaslly becomeing more widespread


Trains are the most commonly used mode of long distance transportation in Pennsylvanian. The government of Pennsylvania reopened the Penn Central Railway in 1976


Pensavania has no seacost but they rent port fallacites form the federation of the chessapeak in Altalatic city.  Sailboats and aloachal  motor boas are a common site on the rivers of Pensyvania. there are also a few steamboats and Petroleuma motor boats. The city of erie is pensyvaina's center of ship buliding.


KeyStone Airlines is the flag carrier of Pensylvania. Keystone's fleet conists of 8 planes. Half of theam are predoomsday relics, the other half were produced by the Ohio based Wright AeroSpace.   


Skin, lung and thyroid cancers have not been a big problem since 1978. Pennsylvania has small  pharmaceutical industry. It is dependent on aid from Ohio and New England. The main Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical firm is the Lancaster Keystone Pharmaceutical. Their falicites included the old Lancaster labs.  


Pensyvania has a decent healthly aquaculture sector. dairy is the largest idustry in the sector. other crops include soy, corn, oats, potatoes sweet potatoes grapes and apples.

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