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Анатолий Григориевич Байченко
Anatoly Grigoriyevich Baychenko
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

Anatoly Baychenko in 2004

4th President of the Republic of Krakozhia
1 February 2000 – 2 November 2004

Predecessor: Dmitri Prikopy
Successor: Gennady Rotayov
Vice President: Durag Nikovgorodiev
Birth: 29 April 1969 (aged 51)
Flag of Bulgaria (1967-1971).svg Evka, Karoshan Territory, People's Republic of Bulgaria
Spouse: Raisa Kirilovna Eduardova
Political party: Communist Party of the Republic of Krakozhia
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, former soldier

Anatoly Grigoriyevich Baychenko (Russian: Анатолий Григориевич Байченко) was the 4th President of the Republic of Krakozhia. He was the president that led the small Eastern European nation through its most troubled times since the Krakozhian Revolution.


Early lifeEdit

As a member of the Krakozhian armed militiaEdit

Entry into politicsEdit

Early challenges to the PresidencyEdit

The Krakozhian-Ixanian WarEdit

The Krakozhian Civil WarEdit

Reunification and resignationEdit



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