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Great Altaic Confederation
Daiion Altai Ulus
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Russia's Alti Kri and Alti Rep' and Katonkaragay District, Borodulikha District, Glubokoye District and Zyryan District in N.E. Kazakhstan.
Flag of Altai Republic Coat of Arms of Altai Republic
Flag Coat of Arms
DD62 Map of Soviet states
Location of Altai Republic
Anthem: "Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны (Transliteration: Altaj Respublikanyŋ Gimny Söstöri, English: Altai Republic Anthem)."
Capital: Gorno-Altaysk
Largest city: Barnaul
Other cities: Borodulikha, Zaysan, Zyryanovsk, Glubokoye and Ulken Narym.
Altai, Kazakh, Siberian Dialect Russian and Kakass.
  others: Moscow dialect Russian, Mongol, Manderin Chinese, Urger and Tungusic.
Ethnic groups:
Altai, Kazakh, Russian and Kakass and Bur-Yats
  others: Mongols, Han Chinese, Urger, Tungusic and Ukrainians
Demonym: Altaic
Type of government: Confederal democratic 'glasnost style' communist republic
  government: State Assembly/El Kurultai
President: Ivan Ochrabat
Chairperson of the Central Comity: Yuri Borislov
Population: 1,205,948 
Independence: from USSR
  declared: 1965
Currency: Mongolian Tögrög
Organizations: 1997 Kara-kalpak, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen and Uzbek Alliance, Barnaul Trade Pact, Khabarovsk Pact and East Siberian Alliance
% Literacy: 98%
Number of military personnel: 1,875




No NATO targets.

After DoomsdayEdit

First ContactEdit

This was with Mongolia in 1965. ~~(more to come)~~



The near fall of communismEdit

Present dayEdit



Low level nomadic agriculture is the country's primary employer and industry.

Coal and lignite miningEdit


It is mostly cottage industries relating to carpentry, farming and coal/lignite usage.



Horses and bicycles are still common place. Horses are still popular in the nation, despite the heavy, but short lived, outbreak of equine ethmoid hematoma in 1987, 2008 and 2009. There are a some alcohol and sunflower oil vehicles and a some petrol driven tractors in use across the nation.


There are 1,875 military personnel in a mix of mounted cavalry and infantry units.


Compulsory schooling is from ages 6 to 15

Health careEdit

Thyroid and lung cancer is still a major problem, but became much lower since 1974.


Water and food sourcesEdit

Local lakes and rivers provide it.

The Death PenaltyEdit

For murder, violent bank robbery with guns, treason, cattle rusteling, child abuse and sex crimes.

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