The 2014 US Midterm Elections were held on November 4, 2014 to elect 35 members of the United States Senate and all 435 members of the United States House of Representatives for the 115th Congress. 

The Republican Party took seven Democratic seats in the Senate, including open seats in West Virginia, Montana, Michigan, and South Dakota. They also defeated incumbents in Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina while defending all of their seats. Democrats Mark Begich (AK) and Mark Udall (CO) held on in close races to defend their seats, while Scott Brown's decision not to run gave Jeanne Shaheen an easy win in New Hampshire. 

The House of Representatives elections were largely a wash, with five Democratic-held seats (IL-10, IL-12, IL-17, NC-7 and UT-4) going to the Republicans and two Republican-held seats (CA-31 and PA-6) going to the Democrats for a net Republican pickup of 3. 

Senate ElectionsEdit

The Seond Class of the Senate was up for reelection as well as two seats in other classes due to retirements. The vacancies due to retirement were South Carolina (Jim DeMint) and Oklahoma (Tom Coburn). 

The results were as follows:

State Democratic Nominee Republican Nominee D Share R Share Result
AL None Jeff Sessions 0% 100% R Hold
AK Mark Begich Mead Treadwell 49% 47% D Hold
AR Mark Pryor Tom Cotton 47% 52% R Pickup
CO Mark Udall Ken Buck 49% 48% D Hold
DE Chris Coons Christine O'Donnell 55% 44% D Hold
GA Michelle Nunn Phil Gingrey 48% 51% R Hold
HI Brian Schatz Linda Lingle 57% 39% D Hold
ID Nels Mitchell Jim Risch 37% 59% R Hold
IL Dick Durbin Jim Oberweis 54% 44% D Hold
IA Bruce Braley Joni Ernst 50% 48% D Hold
KS Chad Taylor Pat Roberts 35% 62% R Hold
KY Alison Grimes Mitch McConnell 46% 50% R Hold
LA Mary Landrieu Bill Cassidy 46% 54% R Pickup
ME Tom Allen Susan Collins 32% 66% R Hold
MA Ed Markey Brian Herr 62% 36% D Hold
MI Gary Peters Terri Lynn Land 47% 52% R Pickup
MN Al Franken Julianne Ortman 52% 43% D Hold
MS Bill Marcy Thad Cochran 36% 63% R Hold
MT John Walsh Steve Daines 48% 51% R Pickup
NE David Domina Ben Sasse 43% 56% R Hold
NH Jeanne Shaheen Andy Martin 54% 41% D Hold
NJ Cory Booker Steve Lonegan 56% 44% D Hold
NM Tom Udall David Clements 59% 40% D Hold
NC Kay Hagan Thom Tillis 48% 50% R Pickup
OK Matt Silverstein Jim Inhofe 35% 64% R Hold
OK (special) Clark Brewster J. C. Watts 37% 62% R Hold
OR Jeff Merkley Allen Alley 50% 49% D Hold
RI Jack Reed None 100% 0% D Hold
SC Jay Stamper Lindsey Graham 46% 54% R Hold
SC (special) Rick Wade Tim Scott 44% 56% R Hold
SD Rick Weiland Mike Rounds 43% 56% R Pickup
TN Jacob Maurer Lamar Alexander 30% 67% R Hold
TX David Alameel John Cornyn 45% 54% R Hold
VA Mark Warner Ed Gillespie 50% 44% D Hold
WV Natalie Tennant Shelley Moore Capito 44% 55% R Pickup
WY Charlie Hardy Mike Enzi 30% 69% R Hold

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